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Elon Musk Openly Discusses Ketamine Use: “It Helps Break Out of a Negative Mood”

Elon Musk, the well-known innovator and CEO of Tesla, often shares his thoughts on social media, sparking wide discussions. In a recent interview with Don Lemon, Musk discussed his experiences with ketamine, highlighting its positive impact on his well-being. Additionally, he assured that he remains sober during his late-night social media activities.

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Musk’s Experience with Ketamine

During the conversation with Lemon, Musk confessed that ketamine helps him deal with negative mental states, such as depression. His use of this substance, he claims, occurs under medical supervision and is sporadic, every two weeks. According to Musk, this approach positively affects his ability to cope with emotional challenges.

“There are moments when I have something like… a negative chemical state in my brain, probably depression, that isn’t related to any negative news, and ketamine helps break out of the negative mood,” Musk told Lemon, as quoted by

Public Reaction to Musk’s Disclosure

Musk’s disclosure of his stance on ketamine has met with mixed reactions, both in the media and among investors. Despite speculation, Musk emphasized that his executive abilities and impact on Tesla’s value for shareholders remain unshaken. The value of Tesla, he says, speaks for itself, suggesting that his stress management methods should not be a concern for investors.

Musk also assured that he is sober during his famous late-night social media sessions. His posts often stir controversy, but he claims they are not the result of psychoactive substances. Musk also expressed frustration with the reaction to his management of the X platform, emphasizing that the criticism regarding content on the platform is exaggerated.

Tensions and Controversies

The interview also revealed tensions between Musk and Lemon, particularly in the context of free speech and content management on the X platform. Musk emphasized his commitment to creating an open space for discussion, even though his approach has drawn criticism and controversy.

“Regular drug use has moved from after-hours activity directly into corporate culture, leaving boards and business leaders to grapple with the responsibility for employees who often use them. At the forefront are tech managers and workers who see psychedelics and similar substances, including psilocybin, ketamine, and LSD, as gateways to business breakthroughs,” The Wall Street Journal reported last year, in an article about Musk’s known use of ketamine.

Musk’s Influence on Public Discussions

Elon Musk continues to provoke public discussions, not only about technology and innovation but also about his personal life and mental health. His openness about using ketamine and his approach to sobriety during social media activities shed light on his character, as well as broader societal trends regarding mental health and psychoactive substances. Despite controversies, Musk remains one of the most influential figures in the tech world, and his decisions and statements will continue to attract interest.

His approach to managing stress and depression with ketamine may serve as a reference point for discussions on alternative treatments for mental disorders. However, it’s important to remember that such therapies should be conducted under strict medical supervision and with appropriate caution. Musk emphasizes that his experiences should not be generalized, and each case requires individual assessment.

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