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How to invest in Vitreo cannabis funds

Vitreo cannabis funds are a great opportunity to diversify an investment portfolio.

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How Vitreo cannabis funds help the fastest-growing market

The cannabis market is one of the fastest-growing in the world and has everything it needs to expand even further.

Compared to other drugs, cannabis has the biggest chance to be legalized in a good part of the world. It is a fact that cannabis has been slowly released around the world and has been gaining the sympathy of the public and the market.

Vitreo cannabis funds are aimed at qualified investors. For example, it is for those with more than a million dollars. As such, the initial investment amount is $1,000 (R$5,000).

The cannabis fund aimed at small investors

Vitreo has launched its Cannabidiol Light fund that addresses all investors. This fund is particularly intended for small investors.

The problem is that both funds continue with the initial investment value of $1,000 (R$5,000), which is considered a restrictive amount by some.

Vitreo cannabis funds help to put money back into the cannabis industry.
There are a variety of areas in cannabis that investors can cash in on like marketing and start-ups. (Source)

When you offer an investment opportunity for everyone, by placing an initial investment value of $1,000 (R$5,000) you end up restricting the investment again.

Additionally, the cannabis market, no matter how much it is growing, is not yet consolidated in the world. It is growing, but it can also suddenly collapse, and that can affect all investors.

Some analysts believe that the fund should be launched in the market with an initial value of $235 (R$1,000). That would be something more appealing and would give the possibility to a good part of the people to risk part of their patrimony in something different and innovative.

Portfolio analyzation

Even if you have $1,000 (R$ 5,000) to invest in a fund like Cannabidiol Light, you need to analyze your portfolio. Only then, you will be able to identify if you are putting too much money into the Vitreo cannabis fund.

An investor who has a portfolio of $7,000 (R$ 30,000) for example, cannot leave part of the equity allocated to a risk fund such as Cannabidiol Light. Even with 80% of the investor fund, Cannabidiol Light still has its risks.

Empiricus and Vitreo partnership

It is worth noting that Empiricus and Vitreo have a partnership. While the Vitreo Cannabidiol Light Fund value is too high, it is worth considering other funds like “Best Funds.”

Investors looking into the Vitreo cannabis fund.
Analyzing your portfolio is important before investing in the Vitreo cannabis fund. (Source)

The FOF Best Funds is worth mentioning because the fund has been showing good profitability. Within its management, the fund takes into account the strategy developed by Empiricus itself.

In other words, that fund can serve as a kind of benchmark for the investor. The FOF Best Funds is already a product that delivers results.

Without a doubt, the fund has been offering its shareholders excellent profitability. The initial investment value is $235 (R$1,000). Of course, there are some other more accessible funds that offer the possibility of investing from $23 (R$100) or even $117 (R$500).


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