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New policies presented for medical cannabis in Drenthe, Netherlands

Positive news in the industry comes out of Drenthe, Netherlands. Some municipalities in this province want to make medical cannabis in Drenthe available to their citizens as soon as possible.

There is even a good chance that an initial proposal will be submitted as early as the end of this month. This and more was discussed during a closed meeting for the relevant city councils. Rinus Beintema of Suver Nuver was in attendance and gave a presentation. provides you with the most current and up-to-date marijuana news and covers wide-ranging topics including hemp and cannabis stocks; hemp products like hemp milk, hemp protein, hemp gummies, creams, buds, and extracts; hemp farming and countless additional hemp products and services.

Policy to bring positive change for cannabis in Drenthe

Dutch medical cannabis policy has been “bad and expensive” for 15 years. This was the conclusion of a News Hour documentary from 2018 about the policy on cannabis in Drenthe, a conclusion that many patients agree with.

Furthermore, more and more municipalities support this conclusion. Some even extend the rules of tolerance so that sick citizens can grow a few cannabis plants at home.

Rinus Beintema of Suver Nuver and Medican Campus reported that several municipalities in the north of the Netherlands have much larger plans.

In the Dutch municipality, a number of city councils together with patients, care institutions, doctors and researchers want to provide citizens with cannabis in Drenthe.

Activist creates a grey area for cannabis in Drenthe

During the closed meeting with the municipalities involved, Rinus gave a presentation about his approach with which he fought for a better policy for cannabis in Drenthe.

During that fight, Rinus created a grey area in which he supplied more than 20,000 patients with cannabis oil.

cannabis plant representing medical cannabis in Drenthe
Medical cannabis plays a huge role for patients around the globe, including children and adolescents. (Source)

By providing scientific support, Rinus fights for broad recognition of the beneficial properties of cannabis in Drenthe.

“The municipalities of Drenthe would like to make use of the knowledge of the Suver Nuver Foundation. Moreover, we are going to support them in the grey area in which they will soon be moving,” said Rinus. “The foundation has offered to act as an umbrella for the municipalities, during the interim phase from a grey to white area. Like me, these municipalities want national politics to support the plan in the end. I’m really positively surprised that these municipalities are serious about medical cannabis.”

Organization requests consistency in the medical cannabis market

The meeting was also attended by an independent social organization that stands up for patient interests in the Drenthe region. This organization emphasized the importance of scientific substantiation and the consistent pharmaceutical quality of medical cannabis products.

“That organization and I were on the same page right away. There must be guidelines so that you can ensure a good and safe medical cannabis product,” Rinus emphasized. “This also ensures that all parties involved learn about cannabis in Drenthe in a safe environment and in a scientifically responsible manner.”

Rinus also heavily supports the growing of cannabis in Drenthe.

“I’ve also indicated that people should eventually be able to grow cannabis themselves. Of course, that’s what I’m fighting for. In my opinion, however, we first have to create support among municipalities and the national government,” he added.

Future plans for cannabis in Drenthe

Locals are looking towards a “grey area” to help with policies about cannabis in the Netherlands. (Source)

It remains to be seen exactly what the plan of the municipality will look like. If it is up to Rinus the products will initially be delivered as his foundation does now: preferably with scientific support and in cooperation with one or more hospitals.

The Suver Nuver founder hopes that more on cannabis in Drenthe will become clear soon.

“If this goes on, it’s really huge! And don’t forget: this just happens when you least expect it. I’m hoping for a nice domino effect, it could go really fast!” said Rinus.


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