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PotCoin aims to support the cannabis industry

PotCoin is very safe to use on various platforms, stock exchanges, and virtual wallets. The company pays special attention to system security and constantly monitors this process.

This cryptocurrency was founded in 2014 and became the first company in the field of electronic financial technologies. The developers put a lot of effort into creating a powerful and secure system.

Their mission is to make their cryptocurrency completely unique. Analyzing the process of fast users flow, it can safely be said that PotCoin takes the simplicity of communication and does not state impossible plans.

Everything is simple and transparent, and every user can understand it in the shortest possible time. It’s not even about cannabis, it’s about the fact that participants are comfortable working and communicating.

At the earliest stages, the company indicated that its platform and community are primarily for users. Approximately in 2015, the company organized a charity fund. Users can donate funds to help organizations that are or have been involved in cannabis.

Here are three organizations that support PotCoin:

  • The youth football club “Snoop”
  • The Cannabis Health Service
  • Fraxa Research Foundation

A brief history of PotCoin

The first coin appeared in 2014, but the currency was officially introduced in January.

PotCoin operates on a decentralized banking system, and the company has adopted such a payment solution for the convenience of users of various wallets. 

The official PotCoin website contains information for the community. Users can get great savings by using the PotCoin platform.

Pot tokens (digital coins) can be used to pay bills and purchases made through the internet. Most users of PotCoin are those who support the legalization of marijuana, and they interact with each other.

They help each other to develop, communicate, share experiences and make transactions.

PotCoin wallets and exchange rate

The goal of PotCoin is the creation of a cryptocurrency that’s unique, safe and provides users with easy and affordable earnings, low rates for withdrawals and currency exchange.

PotCoin hopes to encourage all users who advocate for the protection of cannabis businesses to legalize it worldwide. The company wants to be a personal bank and a reliable guarantor of all transactions, financial transactions, and earnings of users.

They also hope to be the guardian for all those who stand to protect the rights of traders and cannabis producers.

The company’s goal is not to create a “ringleader,” a “mobster” or a “gang,” but to bring all the underground markets out of the shadows and legalize the business.

They hope to create acceptable laws, fines, trade rules and put the cannabis market in order. 

Cryptocurrency like PotCoin is becoming a trend for cannabis
PotCoin digitally generates incorruptible financial transactions. (Source)

PotCoin algorithm

The Pot tokens can be transferred to each other without any need to contact a certain organization. They can be freely managed on stock exchanges, wallets or the PotCoin platform.

As a result, the commissions are withdrawn insignificantly, which attracts a lot of users. You can use tokens all over the world, with no risk of blocking your account. 

PotCoin can be used by anyone around the world. It is not necessary to join the community and share the views on cannabis legalization. Using PotCoin is convenient, safe and inexpensive.

Of course, the company encourages everyone to join their ranks, but this is up to everyone to decide for themselves. You can use tokens outside the platform on stock exchanges and individual wallets.

PotCoin’s security is probably one of the most reliable, the company uses hundreds of thousands of computers and provides everyone with powerful encryption.  

Using PotCoin wallets

Wallets for personal computers are used by the majority of users who participate in PotCoin. Using personal wallets, the participant gets extra security and full control over the accounts.

The company has its own multifunctional wallet, which is also a trading platform that can store, accept coins, use them for different purposes, sell, etc.

Two developers discussing PotCoin
PotCoin provides users with easy and affordable earnings. (Source)

For deposits and savings, the company pays all users from 4-6% per year, which is a very good interest rate and makes regular rewards to all users.

When a participant receives or deposits coins into the account, his or her ID sends activity signals. The system automatically calculates rewards in the form of coin discounts on the account.

Downloading the wallet is very easy. You need to go to the PotCoin website, find “wallets,” click on it and choose the right wallet for your needs.

The system will offer you a registration to create a wallet, which is a necessary condition. Users can download and have both online and local wallets.

Varieties of wallets include:

  • Online wallets/PotWallet
  • Desktop wallets/Download

Cryptocurrency exchanges that support PotCoin

  • Bittrex
  • Bleutrade
  • CoinExchange
  • Cryptopia
  • Poloniex
  • Tux Exchange

It’s worth noting that using local wallets, you shouldn’t forget to make copies of your backup files so that it’s easy to restore tokens afterward.

Sometimes the system might crash and data loss can occur. The advantage of a local wallet is that you can create more than 10 pages (addresses) on it.

Mining tips

Firstly, you need to register and create a wallet or use any exchange. If the user is not registered in the PotCoin network, he can only engage in trades and monitor the coin’s exchange rate.

On the company’s website, you can get coins by exchanging or selling various goods and services in the virtual world.

By keeping coins in your account and having deposits, everyone can earn interest in digital money. It is possible to make a profit every six months, once a year and even monthly. 

The main type of income in PotCoin is selling or exchanging goods and services.

People discovering PotCoin
Mining is the process of validating and processing transactions from a cryptocurrency in a blockchain. (Source)

Prospects for the future

The main team of developers from Canada works in active mode. At the moment, the company does not provide information on future plans.

However, some plans have already been outlined, the priority is to search for large partnerships, conclude contracts and reach the world at an international level. 

PotCoin is a stable company, which is developing slowly and is easy to use. The main achievement is a super powerful protection of wallets and security of the system.

The idea of legalizing cannabis was at the heart of the company, and their dream was supported by thousands of people around the world.

PotCoin became really famous thanks to a lucky occasion when they received free advertising from Dennis Rodman. That served as an early success and attracted more activity on the platform. 


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