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Seed bank in Uruguay launches a new versatile cannabis variety

A new strain of cannabis called Monlag, which contains high CBD and low THC content, has been internationally certified by INASE in Uruguay. The merger of the Uruguayan company In Extenso with the Spain-based Cija Preservation is beginning to bear fruit and the new Monlag variety is a great example.

Certified cannabis varieties are essential for ensuring traceability in the production of cannabis or industrial hemp. With the appearance of the new certified variety Monlag, many farmers or growers in different parts of the world now have another option to choose from.

Monlag promises to become one of the most popular hemp varieties, especially sought by growers who want a strain with a high CBD content and a high yield. In addition, Monlag has a THC content that does not exceed 1%.

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A merger that could change the cannabis landscape

In Extenso is the result of the partnership between Cija Preservation, a Spanish cannabis research company founded in 2016, and a group of Uruguayan entrepreneurs with deep experience in agriculture and technology in the Paysandú region of Uruguay. 

Cija Preservation holds a research license for the development of cannabis varieties and industrial hemp and it has more than 20 years of experience in the industry. The hallmark of this team is professionalism in the development of stable, high-quality genetic material, complying through R&D with the regulatory frameworks of different countries.

In Extenso began in late 2018 seeking to establish itself as a reference company in Uruguay in the genetic development of industrial hemp varieties for the South American market. 

Monlag and its flexibility could change the cannabis market

In 2019 the process of cultivation and certification of the feminized variety of industrial hemp, called Monlag, began at INASE, Uruguay’s national seed institute. The main objective of the program was to be able to offer industrial hemp growers high yields in biomass production, for CBD extraction as well as seed production for the food market.

The most relevant characteristic of this variety is the high content of CBD, while maintaining low levels of THC (<1%). The variety is highly adaptable to both indoor and outdoor cultivation. Outdoors it presents itself as an elegant, vigorous plant with wide, dark green leaves. Indoors, it’s also very easy to grow. The brilliant resin covering both flowers and nearby stems is remarkable.

This new certified variety, Monlag, is a feminized hemp plant with high CBD content and does not exceed the threshold of 1% THC. Also, it is a very productive and high-yielding variety that is easy to grow, since it is very resistant to different climates. It also shows a great adaptability to different soils.

Its cultivation outdoors offers a huge production of resinous flowers. Its culture indoors, thanks to its adaptability to different environments, also yields excellent results.

Monlag is destined to be one of the most successful varieties on the market. That is thanks to the work of the professionals who created it and companies specializing in genetic research like Cija Preservation.

From now on, growers from all over the world have a new certified variety of hemp with high CBD content. In countries where cultivation is legal up to 1% THC, the Monlag variety can be widely used.

Hemp production is on the rise around the world

Industrial hemp cultivation around the world is booming, in a way we haven’t seen in many years. Only if we would go back more than a century we would find more interest in the cultivation of this plant. 

Farmers and inhabitants of rural areas from around the world are hoping that the cultivation of cannabis could greatly help their communities.

As the production of hemp crop has been “put on hold” for many years, so has the development of different strains of the plant. The varieties available for cultivation today, both in Europe and in much of the world, haven’t kept up with modern production techniques and market demand.

This is where new certified varieties like Monlag is a “breath of fresh air” for the industry. In other words, cannabis farmers and growers can rely on a seed with proven results and an origin certificate to meet the demand of the market.


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