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THC-Infused Chocolates Cause Chaos in Mail Sorting Facility: Workers Hospitalized

In recent days, an unusual incident occurred at the Royal Mail sorting facility on North Road in Brighton, England. Three employees began behaving erratically after consuming chocolates that were found to contain THC. Royal Mail, one of the most renowned delivery companies in the United Kingdom, is known for delivering letters and packages nationwide.

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Incident During Holiday Rush

The incident took place during the holiday rush, a time when packages are processed in large quantities. The employees ate chocolates that allegedly fell out of one of the packages. Initially excited, they soon started experiencing symptoms of panic attacks.

According to one of the employees, “I returned to a very excited office. Some people were behaving very strangely after eating this chocolate. I imagine it was quite frightening for them, but at the same time, if someone had given me such chocolate, I would probably have read the packaging.”

Employees Hospitalized and Public Reaction

The employees were taken to the hospital by ambulance, and the situation was widely discussed on Reddit. Many expressed their surprise at why the employees decided to eat chocolates that were not meant for them.

“I wonder why people think it’s okay to eat chocolates from a package that wasn’t intended for them. I hope they learned a lesson from this,” wrote one user.

Investigation by Royal Mail

Royal Mail conducted an investigation into the matter but did not take any disciplinary action against the employees. A company spokeswoman confirmed, “An investigation was conducted, but the origin of the chocolates was not determined.”

Similar Incident in 2022

A similar incident occurred in 2022 when a Royal Mail employee ate four hashish cookies during his shift. The cookies were labeled “Edibles by Pablo Chocobar” and had been stored in the sorting facility for a month. The employee lost consciousness and went viral on TikTok, where many users found his condition amusing.

Royal Mail’s Policy on Damaged Packages

Royal Mail has a clear policy regarding damaged packages – the contents of fallen packages are placed on a shelf and later put in a “damaged bag” to be delivered to the designated place. Nevertheless, this incident highlights the importance of caution and awareness when handling packages.

Effects of THC-Infused Edibles

Chocolate bars like those likely consumed by the Royal Mail employees are infused with THC, the active ingredient in cannabis. It is said that consuming products containing cannabinoids provides stronger and longer-lasting effects than smoking cannabis. Some bars contain the equivalent of a triple dose that a cannabis joint would have.

Importance of Caution and Common Sense

The incident at Brighton’s North Road serves as a reminder of the need for caution and common sense in the workplace. It is hoped that both Royal Mail employees and others who have encountered similar situations will draw appropriate lessons from this incident.

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