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The Shocking Truth about “Black Cannabis”

Energy drink company BLACK has just launched a new flavor, BLACK Cannabis, which, despite its name, does not contain any cannabis ingredients such as seed oil, terpenes, CBD, THC, or any cannabinoids.

According to the label, this product contains water, sugar, citric acid, carbon dioxide, taurine, flavors, sodium citrate, caffeine, color E150d, sucralose, aspartame, acesulfame K, niacin, pantothenic acid, vitamin B6 and vitamin B12. Health itself, but why was cannabis missing?

Nowadays, product valuation and promotion are often based on trends and fads, which are not always related to the actual values the product offers. This is further proof that some companies are willing to go to great lengths just to increase their profits, even at the expense of misleading consumers.

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How Does Frogka Promote Black Cannabis?

The drink is promoted in the Żabka store chain and on their app in such a way that it clearly refers to cannabis: “Eeemann! Black energy drink in the 420 climate. If you’re into the green game, the new Black will definitely appeal to you. Try the new energy!”

Young people, increasingly interested in cannabis, may reflexively reach for a drink with the word “cannabis” on it, hoping for psychoactive effects. Are the manufacturers and distributors taking advantage of cannabis trends and fads to increase sales of their products while misleading their customers?

BLACK’s use of the name “cannabis” and such promotion on the Żabka app is an obvious attempt to capitalize on the growing interest in cannabis, especially among the younger generation, which is equally keen on energy. However, isn’t the company playing on our emotions here instead of giving us a product in line with expectations? Is it worth supporting a manufacturer that knowingly misleads us?

Such marketing practices are not only unethical but also mislead consumers. It is worth remembering that some companies are ready to do a lot just to increase their profits, even at the expense of misleading customers.

Unethical Marketing

It is also impossible not to compare this case of BUH beer promoted by Kuba Wojewódzki and Janusz Palikot. This advertisement also used the theme of cannabis, promising CBD content, while studies showed that the concentration of this cannabinoid in BUH beer was 0%. Do we want cannabis leaf product signage and deceptive marketing practices to become the norm in the food industry?

Is the “BLACK Cannabis” energy drink another example of unethical exploitation of the popularity of cannabis? Is the company deliberately misleading its customers in pursuit of higher profits? Is it worth trusting manufacturers who try to take advantage of trends by force without caring about the quality of the products and the veracity of their composition?

Although “BLACK Cannabis” does not contain any cannabis ingredients, it is worth considering why the company chooses to do so. Isn’t this an attempt to mislead customers to increase sales?

Lessons From Black Cannabis

In recent years, there has been a marked increase in interest in cannabis, both in terms of its medical uses and its use in food. Unfortunately, there is no shortage of companies that decide to take advantage of this trend to increase their profits by using unethical marketing practices. How can we recognize such activities and how can we defend against them?

  • Check the product composition carefully: Companies using unethical marketing may refer to cannabis in the names of their products, on packaging or in advertisements, when in fact the product does not contain any cannabis ingredients. Carefully checking the label and composition will help avoid such pitfalls.
  • Pay attention to the tone and language of advertisements: Advertisements using unethical marketing may contain suggestive content alluding to cannabis, as in the case of the “BLACK Cannabis” energy drink. If you encounter these types of ads, consider whether the company is trying to mislead you or take advantage of your enthusiasm for the topic of cannabis.
  • Look for reviews and testimonials: Before buying a product, it’s a good idea to look for opinions from other consumers and reviews from experts. This will help you find out if the product meets your expectations for cannabis ingredients.
  • Compare prices: Often cannabis-based products are more expensive due to the cost of production and raw materials. If a product has a suspiciously low price, consider whether it may actually contain valuable cannabis ingredients.
  • Be critical and skeptical: In a world full of marketing gimmicks, it pays to be a vigilant consumer. Being critical of advertisements, checking information and verifying manufacturers’ promises will help you avoid falling into the trap of unethical marketing.

Remember that we, as consumers, have a say in what marketing practices are used by companies. We vote with our wallets, and informed and thoughtful purchasing choices can force unethical manufacturers to change their practices to more honest and transparent ones.

Public Reactions to Black Cannabis

We are left to wait for further public reactions and possible action from regulatory authorities regarding the Black Cannabis saga. In the meantime, it is advisable to be a vigilant consumer and check the composition of products carefully so as not to fall for a cannabis-based marketing gimmick.

Let’s not be fooled by marketing gimmicks that are aimed solely at the profit of producers without caring about the real needs and expectations of consumers. It’s worth being aware of what we buy and carefully checking the composition of products rather than allowing our emotions to be manipulated and our trust to be exploited.

Let this Black Cannabis gimmick be a warning to all of us – in a world full of half-truths and manipulation, it is extremely important to be critical of what they are trying to sell us. Only then can we ensure that companies like “BLACK” are forced to change their practices and offer us honest, valuable products instead of misleading us in their quest for profit.

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