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Artists collaborate to raise awareness about the benefits of cannabis for children

The objective of the Fundación Mexicana de Cannabis Medicinal A.C. (FMCAM) is to raise awareness about the medical benefits of cannabis for children. This artsy initiative in Mexico has a driving force to eradicate the myths surrounding the use of medical cannabis, help children in their treatment and support the arts.

Together with Canna Arte, they will promote “Trastoque,” a collective art exhibition that will bring together established and emerging talents to expose the benefit that children with various diseases can find by having adequate treatment with cannabis. is a mobile application that is exclusively dedicated to hemp news as well as the very latest news about the general hemp and cannabis industry. The app covers topics like the latest changes in cannabis legalization, the health benefits of hemp and more.

Art project helps explain the benefits of cannabis for children

The project, which includes medical experts and artists, proposes three fundamental stages. These stages are to mark a precedent by highlighting the importance of the medical and therapeutic use of cannabis for children. This way, they can spread the message from a responsible source with advice by specialists who help children with conditions like cancer or who are in palliative care to have a better way of life.

Juan Cortés Arriola, creator of the project, and Lorena Orozco, director of Canna Arte, said that this exhibition will be the first of this collective. The collective has taken on the task of calling on a hundred recognized artists and new talents so that they can contribute a work that invites the viewer to reflect on the use of medical cannabis and the positive impact it has on patients who are candidates for this type of treatment.

“The objective of this collective is to join forces, promote Jalisco’s art internationally and raise funds for projects of this and other foundations; we are sure that this will work well. We are activists who seek the legalization and responsible use of cannabis,” explained Arriola.

The art exhibit will include three stages

Jorge Tejeda, the curator of the exhibition, pointed out that in the coming weeks all the artists participating in the show to be held in April will be announced. There’s also the possibility that the artwork can be sold to benefit the Fundación Mexicana de Cannabis Medicinal A.C., and help move on to the second phase of the project, a publication of a catalog of the artwork that will add more funds to the cause.

exhibit representing the art show promoting cannabis for children
Medical experts and artists join together to promote the benefits of cannabis for children with conditions like cancer and schizophrenia. (Source)

“This is an art exhibition in which visual artists are invited to participate with a very personal view on these new turns that cannabis is taking. Although it may sound a bit controversial, there is a really mature and thoughtful emphasis on how to demystify the use of cannabis for children and these substances in favor of helping people in need, whether it is in palliative care, schizophrenia or cancer,” added Tejeda.

The third stage of the project contemplates a “gastronomic route” in which various restaurants could join to house the artwork from “Trastoque” so the main message of this campaign reaches more people.

Lorena Orozco highlighted that the place where the exhibition will be held is yet to be confirmed, as well as the starting date and restaurants of the gastronomic route.

The medical benefits of cannabis for children can be life-changing

Claudia Beas, director of the Fundación Mexicana de Cannabis Medicinal A.C., explained that since the birth of this institution in 2016, approximately 200 children from all over the country have been supported with various diseases such as epilepsy, cerebral palsy and various syndromes that mainly present seizures.

He explained that through correct and advised treatments they have found improvements in their quality of life through medical cannabis, in addition to which their family environment has also benefited.

“Our mission is to improve the quality of life of patients and their families by generating information on cannabis for children and disseminating the correct use of medical cannabis,” said Beas. “With this initiative of Canna Arte it will reach a part of the society in which it is necessary to explain the correct use of medical cannabis for children to remove those ideas that it is only for recreation.”

Funds from the art project will be used for treatment and medical studies

She added that the funds raised from the exhibition and its catalog can be used in different ways: from the purchase of treatments, diagnosis, medical studies, research and even support in the transfer of children and their families in vulnerable conditions who do not have the resources to mobilize themselves or go to health centers.

Rosa Márquez Palacios, a child neurologist, stressed the importance of promoting initiatives that help to eradicate prejudices and misinformation about these treatments.

“Promoting adequate information on cannabis for children which is being done with this type of event helps people know that there are benefits, that it is more than just a recreational drug, that there is a great impact on the quality of life not only in patients, but in the social environment,” said Palacios.

Why artists are spreading awareness about the benefits of cannabis for children

two artists representing artists promoting cannabis for children
Artists believe that their work will help spread the message in a different way. (Source)

Adrián Guerrero Santos is one of the artists already confirmed to join the collective exhibition.

Santos is considering the importance of eradicating the myths surrounding the use of medical cannabis for children and the contribution that art can make to raise awareness and reflect on the challenges that sick children and their families face to best cope with these conditions.

“Art is born from society and is for society, and in this subject and in any other I believe it must always be present. It is a way of seeing from a different language to the human language itself, from words and letters, to express these concerns,” said Santos.


(Featured image by Markus Spiske via Unsplash)

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