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Cannabis as a possible complementary treatment to COVID-19

The “Associação de pacientes de Cannabis Medicinal Abrace Esperança” established in Paraíba, will donate bottles with a concentration of 2% of Cannabidiol (CBD) to a group of 20 doctors with suspicion of infection, as well as vaporizers for the already infected professionals, who present symptoms of the virus, such as shortness of breath. The objective is to test the effectiveness of cannabidiol against the symptoms of the new coronavirus.

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Testing cannabis efficiency in COVID-19 patients

The idea came when Cassiano Teixeira, director of the Association, viewed a video of an infected doctor. Although the priority was patients, after meeting Pedro Pierro, a neurosurgeon from Abrace, the project was directed to health professionals who are on the front line in fighting this pandemic.

The neurosurgeon declared to Cannabis & Saúde, what the idea came from, his and Cassiano Teixeira’s unproven and unstudied impression about the influence of cannabinoids on prevention and recovery in patients with COVID-19.

A total of 40 doctors from all over Brazil will be divided into two groups. One group will receive cannabidiol oil and the other placebo. The distribution of the products is already underway, and the doctors have no way of knowing if they are receiving the Cannabidiol (CBD) or placebo oil. After the results of the observational study have been released, Abrace Association intends to continue the research with the support of universities.

Bronchodilating properties of cannabis as a complement to different treatments

According to Cassiano Teixeira, there is scientific evidence of the bronchodilating and anti-inflammatory properties of cannabis. The president of the association, Cassiano Teixeira, also emphasized that the cannabidiol bottles donated to health professionals for the test were all prescribed by collaborating doctors of the Association.

This initiative of the Abrace Esperança Association is the first phase of an experimental and empirical research project, since there is no scientific evidence of the use of cannabinoids against COVID-19. For this reason, the association is conducting an observational study of doctors.

“Right now, we are recruiting volunteer doctors to use Abrace’s oil and report on their experience. Nothing more than that”. The Abrace Association also hopes to conduct the study with nurses and patients suspected of COVID-19.

According to Pedro Pierro, the volunteer doctors should maintain all the guidelines of the Ministry of Health regarding the use of Personal Protective Equipment. All of them will be accompanied and will answer periodic questionnaires.

There are still no studies on the effect of cannabis derivatives in coronavirus patients. What is empirically proven is the effect, which is essential in combating the pandemic. The plant also has bronchodilating and neuroprotective properties, which can be useful.

There is already evidence of the effectiveness of cannabis in cases of epilepsy, autism, fibromyalgia, and pain caused by inflammation. This does not, however, mean protection against the coronavirus. Nor does it rule out the possibility of treating any symptom in those diagnosed with the disease.


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