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Cannabis News Tidbits: Pro Blunt Roller’s Tell-All + Californian Lawsuits

To start the week off, let’s catch up on a couple of cannabis news tidbits. Ahead, we’ve got two Californians suing DreamFields over “mislabled” products and some revelations from Snoop Dogg’s full-time blunt roller, Renegade Piranha.

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Consumers Are Suing a Popular Cannabis Brand for Having Too Low a Concentration of THC

“Consumers are willing to pay more for cannabis products with higher THC content and expect to pay less for cannabis products with lower THC content,” said an attorney for people who sued the company for selling products with lower THC concentrations than suggested.

A California-based cannabis company has received a lawsuit from two disgruntled users. The lawsuit, filed by Jasper Centeno and Blake Wilson, indicates that DreamFields mislabeled its products, and ultimately, customers overpaid for them.

Mislabeled Products Mislead Cannabis Consumers

The lawsuit claims that DreamFields Inc. and Med for America Inc. violated California consumer protection laws, including but not limited to California’s unfair competition and false advertising laws.

DreamFields is one of California’s most popular cannabis brands, which prides itself on selling finished joints with a THC content of 46%.

An independent lab test found that DreamFields Jeeter pre-rolls contained less THC than suggested. The packaging of the pre-rolls stated that each joint contained 46% cannabis. However, tests by independent laboratories showed that the joints had between 23% and 27% percent THC.

THC Concentration a Major Purchase Consideration

Retailers consider the high THC concentration and price to be key factors in deciding whether to buy the product. THC drives sales, prompting retailers to make decisions toward buying the most potent flower and concentrates. This, in turn, encourages brands to buy lab-grown products that will provide them with the highest levels of THC.

Practice Is Wide Spread

The practice of lab-buying is common in many states where cannabis is legal. Executives at Infinite Chemical Analysis Labs and Anresco recently released aggregate data on materials previously made available to state authorities.

They found that out of 150 samples, at least 87% of Californian flowers contained at least 10% less THC than stated on the label. In addition, the THC concentration in almost 30% of the products was more than 25% below the label.

Snoop Dogg’s Professional “Joint-Roller” Reveals How Many Joints She’s Rolled In 6 Years

Did you know that American rapper Snoop Dogg smokes dozens of cannabis joints daily? Well, it’s surprising but true. In 2013, during a Q&A session on Twitter, he calculated that he smokes about 81 joints a day.

In a recent interview, however, his personal joint-rolling employee announced that he rolls between 75 and 150 joints a day for him.

Snoop Dogg, 51, lives in California, where cannabis use is legal, allowing him to buy and consume cannabis and even hire staff to make joints. Renegade Piranha, his joint-rolling employee, revealed that she had rolled some 450,000 joints for the American rapper since 2016.

Renegade Piranha Interview

During an interview on an Australian radio show titled “The Kyle and Jackie O Show,” Piranha was asked how many joints she had already rolled for the rapper.

“I haven’t done it all my life, but just for fun, I calculated how many joints I’ve rolled since 2016. I estimate more than 450,000, and I do about 250 grams daily, which is between 75 and 150 blunts.”

What’s more, Snoop Dogg revealed in June that his personal “joint-rolling employee” received a raise due to rising inflation. According to reports, she earns about $50,000 a year.

Piranha added that in addition to smoking between 75 and 150 cannabis joints a day, Snoop never goes anywhere without a blunt.

During an interview with Howard Stern in 2019, Snoop Dogg announced that he decided to hire a professional blunt roller because cannabis joint rolling takes up much of his time during the day.

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