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Cannabis oil is being released in 100 pharmacies across Belgium

Starting February 10th, if you want to buy CBD oil, you can go to the pharmacy without a prescription. “Our company already has about a hundred points of sale,” said Maxime Costa of Amophar, the company that markets CBD oil. Legally speaking, the product is in a gray zone. “We are required to put ‘not fit for consumption’ on the box.” he added.

Toxicologist Jan Tytgat argued in favor of the Australian model on cannabis-based medicines. “A doctor may prescribe CBD and THC if he can prove that other painkillers are not working. Australia is a developed country. People must dare to investigate that path.”

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CBD products to buy in pharmacies

As of February 10th, CBD oil consumers do not have to look for their salvation in CBD shops or shady sites on the Internet. They can just go to the pharmacy to get CBD oil or cannabidiol. The substance is one of the two main active ingredients in cannabis. CBD is attributed to having a calming and analgesic effect, and it does not make peopel high or stoned, such as THC (tetrahydrocannabinol), the other active ingredient in cannabis.

A safe alternative for pharmacists

The increase in the popularity of CBD oil is reinforced by the legalization of medical cannabis and this requires highly qualified professionals to care for patients. (Source)

“About a hundred pharmacists have already signed up,” said Maxime Costa of Amophar. “With CBD-Phar the industry wants to offer a controlled and safe alternative.” Amophar buys CBD in powder form in the US and has it mixed with coconut oil in Belgium. “Legally, the product has no statute. It’s not a drug, but the company produces it as if it was a drug. Moreover, with 0.025% THC, CBD-Phar contains much less than the permitted 0.2%.”

Demand for controlled CBD

“The demand for controlled CBD does exist,” said pharmacist Veronique Haghedooren, who is selling CBD-Phar as of today. “Often the consumers are people with chronic pain who have already tried many other painkillers. Many of them say that CBD oil has helped them.” The pharmacist said that she is not going to promote the product. “It’s not a panacea, and in my opinion it should only be available on prescription. If people want to buy it, I’ll advise them to first see a doctor or neurologist for advice.”

Cannabis medicine against serious pain

“Proponents said that CBD helps against spasms, epilepsy, chronic pains and much more,” said toxicologist Jan Tytgat. “The evidential value is not the same for all conditions, but it is not a placebo. Both CBD and THC have proven pharmacology. Based on the available literature, it seems that CBD would work better in tandem with THC, more than the permitted 0.2%. A drug-containing both substances would then have a greater chance of being used as a medicine.”

The toxicologist advocates an Australian model. “There, the doctors have to prove that the first-line drugs have been exhausted. Then, they can prescribe CBD and THC. Australia is a developed country. People must dare to investigate this path.” Consumers should be advised to use caution when purchasing and using over-the-counter CBD products which have not been evaluated by the FDA.


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