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CeBeDot presents a convenient alternative to CBD drops

CeBeDots are small thin films made of a CBD paste, which are shaped by a 3D printing process and are simply put under the tongue, or even better, on the palate. They are available in a 4mg and 9mg and present themselves as an alternative to CBD oil. Both are available in mint and natural flavors.

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New CBD drops are more convenient than oil

In addition to the sublingual intake of CBD oil, which is dripped under the tongue, capsules have also become established as a popular dosage form. However, these have some clear disadvantages compared to CBD oil and the new CBD drops.

Since CBD capsules are simply swallowed, cannabidiol can only be absorbed in the gastrointestinal tract. This ensures that capsules take a longer time to start working.

CBD oil representing the new CBD drops
CeBeDots will replace the use of drippers for dosing CBD, making them a more convenient option for some users. (Source)

This makes putting CBD drops under the tongue the more effective method. The small CBD drops are films made of high-quality EU cannabis. Thanks to the full spectrum of paste, CeBeDots contain all the valuable ingredients of the plant, cannabinoids, flavonoids, and terpenes.

Substances that are not contained in these CBD drops are also important including, pesticides, toxins or heavy metals. The concentration of THC is always well below 0.05%, so there is no reason to fear any intoxicating effects.

The advantages of CeBeDots

One of the special features of CeBeDots is their safe handling. They can be transported very easily in comparison to CBD oil or capsules, and compared to oil bottles, nothing can leak or break.

This makes them ideal for traveling, using at the office, sports, or when in nature. The wafer-thin sheets can be easily carried with you.

The other big advantage is dosing. With CBD oil, you always have to estimate the dose that you will ingest with a dropper. The dose of a CeBeDot CBD drops is guaranteed to always be the same so you have no doubt whether you have taken too much or too little CBD.

CeBeDots CBD drops are more effective than capsules

CBD capsules representing typical CBD drops
Using 3D printing technology, CeBeDots are more effective than capsules. (Source)

CeBeDots have proven to be very pleasant to use. You simply can’t go wrong either during transportation or when taking them. You place the CBD leaflet under the tongue and wait until saliva dissolves it.

According to the manufacturer’s instructions, these CBD drops take between one and four minutes to dissolve. In the test, it was always just under two minutes.

Since only a practical test was carried out in everyday life and not a laboratory analysis, the following point is not substantiated in figures, but CeBeDot probably has the advantage over CBD oil of better bioavailability.

While with regular CBD droppers it is not guaranteed that the entire dose can be kept in the mouth long enough, the wafer-thin film dissolves completely under the tongue. Premature swallowing can, therefore, be excluded.

So whether you decide in the end to use mint or the natural flavor, with these CBD drops in leaflet form, you always have the right dose of CBD with you.


(Featured image by R+R Medicinals via Unsplash)

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