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Grass is greener on the other side: after homeopathy, Boiron cannabis?

Authorized in 2019 by the National Assembly but postponed by the health crisis, the experimentation of therapeutic cannabis is to begin no later than March 31 for 3,000 patients, who will be followed for two years. In this context, Boiron Laboratories (EPA: BOI) and Emmac Life Sciences have announced their commitment to the development and distribution of herbal cannabis based medicines.

Boiron Labs and Emmac LS answer the French call for cannabis medicine

While the French National Agency for the Safety of Medicines (ANSM) has just unveiled the list of cannabis suppliers selected for the experimental phase, two drugs (Adven 20/1 and Adven 10/10) from the two partner laboratories have indeed been selected for use by patients. The ANSM had launched a call for tenders from October 19 to November 24 to select these suppliers who will make their products available free of charge. To start the experimentation, “it is necessary to have quality medicines, controlled, meeting strict safety standards and ready to be used by patients”, underlined the ANSM in a press release.

“Cannabis-based treatments can make it possible to manage patients suffering from oncology or chronic pain, epilepsy or palliative situations and for whom they do not have a sufficient therapeutic response. It is therefore a real public health issue”, Boiron and Emmac Life Sciences were pleased to announce. Certainly they stand to make a tidy profit them if the results of the test prove adequate.

Boiron has meddled in medical alternatives before, notably Homeostasis

Boiron Laboratories are not known for cannabis however, yet they have not remained exclusively in the medical domain. They are a global leader in a somewhat adjacent field, homeopathy. Though they obviously believe there to be significant enough overlap between the two for the move into the burgeoning ‘green’ market to make sense.

Indeed, perhaps their oil extraction technology and expertise, along with the power of their brand and distribution networks, could help make this not just a commercially viable move, but a market altering one. On the other hand the association between cannabis and homeopathy may not be the one either they, or the French medical system wish to encourage. But luckily they are not the only suppliers for the groundbreaking and important study.

Boiron is not alone in stepping up to deliver the French cannabis

Among the other selected suppliers: the European subsidiary of the Canadian Aurora, which will supply products in the form of dried cannabis flowers, in three different dosages of the active ingredients of this plant, tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and cannabidiol (CBD), but also the Canadian Tilray, chosen for drugs in the form of oil with dominant THC and balanced THC and CBD, while the Australian Little Green Pharma will supply those in the form of oil where CBD is dominant. The Israeli Panaxia Pharmaceutical Industries will be responsible for supplying the products in the form of capsules to be ingested.

Patients will be eligible for the trial if they suffer from serious illnesses (certain forms of epilepsy, neuropathic pain, side effects of chemotherapy, palliative care or multiple sclerosis), and only “if there is insufficient relief or poor tolerance” with existing treatments.

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