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Investors are mourning the stock for Aurora Cannabis

The price-earnings ratio (P/E ratio) is an important indicator for assessing the earning power and development of a company in comparison to one or more others. In relation to the stock for Aurora Cannabis, the current P/E ratio is 284.45.

Comparable companies in the “pharmaceutical” sector have an average P/E ratio of 117.04. The stock for Aurora Cannabis is therefore overvalued from a fundamental point of view.

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The stock for Aurora Cannabis sees its share of ups and downs

Over the turn of the year, something like a rebellion could be observed once again, but it collapsed relatively quickly. The loss of the important support at $2.15 (CA$2.82) (the low from November 2019) is still having an impact. After the stock for Aurora Cannabis fell below this level in December and generated a classic sell-signal, the movement initially came to a halt in the area of $1.88 (CA$2.46). The share price picked up once again to a countermovement.

However, the course of this movement once again revealed the blatant weakness of the value, as the advance did not develop any penetrating power. Instead, it quickly withdrew. As a result, the price fell below $1.88 (CA$2.46) again.

With currently $1.73 (CA$ 2.27) (at the end of 08.01,) the value is now approaching the eminently important support at $1.53 (CA$2.00). When it comes to the stock for Aurora Cannabis, counter-movements are possible at any time due to the oversold stage of the movement, but only the re-conquest of the $2.15 (CA$2.82) mark would give such a first relevance. The current situation is quite different for the comeback candidate Aixtron.

Investor looking at the stock for Aurora Cannabis
Investors are keeping a close eye on the Aurora Cannabis stock in 2020 due to a rough 2019. (Source)

How the stock for Aurora Cannabis is trending

Last year, the stock for Aurora Cannabis achieved a return of -62.96%. Compared to shares from the same sector (Healthcare,) Aurora Cannabis is 108.69% below average (45.73%.)

The average annual return for securities from the same sector (Pharmaceuticals) is 60.3%. The stock for Aurora Cannabis is currently 123.27% below this figure. Due to the underperformance, rate the share at this level as a “sell” overall.

Trend-following indicators should show whether security is currently in an up or downtrend trend. The moving average is one such indicator. First, take a look at the long-term average of the last 200 trading days. The stock for Aurora Cannabis is currently $5.22 (CA$6.83). The last closing price at $1.88 (CA$2.46) is thus significantly lower (-63.98% deviation in comparison.) On this basis, Aurora Cannabis receives a “sell” evaluation.

Now a look at the shorter-term 50-day average. For this value, $2.50 (CA$3.27) the last closing price is below the moving average (-24.77%,) thus the stock for Aurora Cannabis receives a “sell” rating for this value as well. Overall, Aurora Cannabis is given a “sell” rating based on trend-following indicators.

Assessing the Relative Strength Index of Aurora Cannabis

stock market representing the stock for Aurora Cannabis
Due to the position of Aurora Cannabis, some financial advisors predict many investors will sell their stock. (Source)

In order to assess whether a security is currently “overbought” or “oversold,” the up and down movements over time can be put into relation. This provides the so-called Relative Strength Index (RSI), an indicator that is frequently used in the financial market.

Now the stock for Aurora Cannabis is using the shorter-term RSI of the last seven days and the slightly longer-term RSI on a 25-day basis.

First the seven-day RSI, it is currently at 53.5 points, which means that the stock for Aurora Cannabis is neither overbought nor sold. As a result, it receives a “hold” rating.

Now for the RSI25: as with the RSI7, Aurora Cannabis is neither “overbought” nor “sold” on this basis (value: 64.39). The security is therefore also rated “hold” for the RSI25. This gives the stock for Aurora Cannabis a “hold” rating for this point in the analysis.


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