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A look at popular cannabis stocks in 2020

With a new year coming, it is essential to start selecting the popular cannabis stocks that are considered most profitable.

In fact, companies related to the production of CBD products have seen not only an increase in demand from customers around the world but an increase in their importance in the financial sector.

All this is linked to the liberalization of cannabis in several countries and the dissemination of information regarding the beneficial effects that this substance has on the body and psyche. provides you with the most current and up-to-date marijuana news and covers wide-ranging topics including hemp and cannabis stocks; hemp products like hemp milk, hemp protein, hemp gummies, creams, buds, and extracts; hemp farming and countless additional hemp products and services.

The growing cannabis sector

The cannabis sector, in the major countries of the world, has done nothing but impose itself overwhelmingly among the main companies listed on the stock exchange. It is only in North America, for example, that the sector has reached exorbitant figures in terms of investment and then influenced the other world powers.

Indeed, once the positive effects of CBD products on the body, psyche and even pathological disorders have been established, the demand for these products has increased dramatically. One point to the advantage of companies that deal with cannabis is the possibility to touch different sectors, from the food industry to the textile industry to the green building industry and even the cosmetics sector.

A number of popular cannabis stocks are hosted on the TSX.
North America became a leader in the cannabis industry due to legalization in Canada and the United States. (Source)

With the new amendments issued in Italy, the sector could be ready to develop in the same way as other countries making room for more popular cannabis stocks in 2020. In fact, for the Italian companies that have bet on cannabis, the estimates can only be positive. Therefore, Italy also seems to be able to put itself back into the game and focus on another sector to increase its revenue.

Economic growth, increased demand, and exorbitant figures are all tempting elements for dynamic investors who are always on the lookout for major market and popular cannabis stocks in 2020.

Do major companies still have popular cannabis stocks in 2020?

For those who still do not understand the cannabis industry well, it is good to know that America and Canada are the most important countries in the industry. Among the most important companies and popular cannabis stocks appears the Canadian company Canopy Growth. With sales of $253 million, the company is the largest in market capitalization.

Another quite popular cannabis stock is Aurora Cannabis, also founded in 2013 and of Canadian origin. The company boasts a market that reaches 18 countries and is listed on the Wall Street Stock Exchange. The advantage of the company is the high number of products it manages to produce in a year, always remaining among the most popular cannabis stocks.

Finally, there is GW Pharmaceuticals, known for marketing the first cannabis-derived drug, Sativex. Initially listed in London, GW managed to reach important levels and in 2013 it was listed on the NASDAQ stock exchange index.

A conclusion on popular cannabis stocks

cookies representing cannabis edibles that popular cannabis stocks are depending on
Edible cannabis-based products will be part of new market developments for the cannabis industry in 2020. (Source)

With a completely legal market, both for medical and recreational purposes in many countries, the growth of cannabis products has been a direct consequence. With the right CFD trading platform, even inexperienced traders who are interested in this developing field can decide to invest their money in popular cannabis stocks.

With a potentially positive future, these cannabis companies are one of those investments not to be missed. In the event of negative trends and declines, online brokers will also be able to benefit from unfavorable situations. So, with a favorable scenario and the right support, 2020 could lead to longed-for satisfactions.


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