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Medical Cannabis: 1st clinical management guide launched

Three and a half years after the beginning of the medical cannabis project, Cannava is a reality. It is, as defined by its creator, Gastón Morales, a state program of public production designed to improve people’s quality of life. And, in this context, the first guide for the management of medical cannabis in Argentina was presented today.

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A Serious Scientific Compendium for Medical Cannabis

The medical cannabis compendium was presented at a ceremony attended by the province’s medical and pharmaceutical associations, the Jujuy state social security, and the Jujuy association of families and patients of medical cannabis, since all of them were part of the creation of this guide.

“Being able to make this medical cannabis guide available to doctors and pharmacists was thanks to the call to the different sectors: a call that did not forget the families who have been fighting for years to make the therapeutic potency of cannabis visible,” said the president of Cannava, Gastón Morales.

“In 2018, when the governor took on the challenge of carrying out a program of public production of medical cannabis, we knew that the need arose to convene and form a team of specialists and professionals who were willing to take on the task of creating a model of scientific development. Today we are a few weeks away from obtaining the approval of the first batches of medical cannabis oil: a product made by the hands and minds of Jujuyans and in the soil of Jujuy, which has gone through all the processes of efficacy standards,” said Gastón Morales about the Cannava project.

The guide for the clinical management of medical cannabis, he also said, is the first of its kind in the country and condenses an important body of scientific evidence produced over more than 50 years around the world. “It is a public health and state policy guide. It is basic for any physician who wants to know how to prescribe and dose medical cannabis, to evaluate pharmacological interactions with other drugs, and when not to prescribe it. These are aspects that are part of any medicine,” he said.

During the presentation, the Governor, Gerardo Morales, remarked that Cannava is the result of a “serious, scientific work, of the highest level” and that it offers a product whose quality is “verified step by step”.

In this context, he anticipated that in the coming months Jujuy will generate seeds produced in El Pongo farm for local use and also for sale to the world. Morales also anticipated the arrival of an industrial laboratory and announced that the Zabala hospital in Perico will be the bedside for trials with patients who have refractory epilepsy and also for other applications of medical cannabis oil.

The Participation of the Different Sectors in the Guide for the Clinical Management of Medical Cannabis

For the creation of the guide, the Government of Jujuy conducted a survey among physicians in the province to find out their opinion and needs in relation to medical cannabis. The results indicated that 80% of them consider that they have insufficient knowledge about medical cannabis, especially because it is not taught in medical schools, and that a similar percentage considers it necessary to receive training on the subject.

This is how this guide came about, whose presentation was attended by representatives of the different sectors that collaborated in its development: the Pharmaceutical Council of Jujuy, the College of Pharmacists, the Medical College, the Insurance Institute of Jujuy, and the Medical Cannabis Group, family members and patients.

According to Cristina Fascia, head of the Pharmaceutical Council, the guide will be continuously updated together with Anmat and will seek to unify the medical criteria regarding cannabis therapy.

In this context, María Elena Vildoza, representative of the Medical Cannabis Group, said: “More than five years ago we took up the fight to find relief for our children. Now we have found it in a project that will be at the forefront”. She thanked “Governor Morales for letting us be the voice of those who have no voice” and “Gastón, for being our partner in the fight for our children”.

Jujuy’s Contribution to the Country

In the presentation of the medical cannabis guide, Gerardo Morales recalled that the National Congress is currently debating a project to legislate the use of medical cannabis. A project that, he said, “has fallen short”. However, he explained that Jujuy was summoned to participate in the regulation of the regulation since it is the most advanced province in the matter.

“I believe that from Jujuy we are going to be able to make an important contribution to the country because we have a long way to go. We will be willing to open everything we know and all the experience we have gained because the slogan has always been to open the doors to everyone without any meanness: with Jujuy brains, Jujuy hands, and Jujuy heart, we will make contributions so that the national medical cannabis regulations are at the level of the project we have carried out in Jujuy”, concluded Morales.


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