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Mexico’s first cannabis cigarettes

A few days after the release of Flor de Caña, Dany, founder of the THC Crew and the brains behind this seven cigarettes cannabis pack, said: “These little boxes are going to change the game. The reception has been incredible. We launched them about ten days ago and have sold more than 120 packs.” The founder is notoriously proud: “We also have an order for 700, but since we have to weigh and roll the joints, it takes time.” is a mobile application that is exclusively dedicated to medical cannabis news. The application provides you with the latest news from top cannabis sources.

The front of pack has a big letter M with the colors of the Mexican flag

The pack is made of cardboard, with a smooth texture similar to a cell phone box. On the front, it has a big letter M with the colors of the Mexican flag. In the background, a gray pattern with cannabis leaves serves as a base to create a silhouette of Mexico City with the Angel of Independence, the Palace of Fine Arts, and some iconic buildings. In the center of the package is the THC Crew logo, and at the top is the “Flor de Caña” brand. The pack is sealed with a hologram with the crew’s logo to prevent counterfeiting.

“Flor de Caña is actually a subsidiary of the Crew,” Dany explained and told that in addition to cigarette packs, the brand distributes chocolates, ointments, and salves. “For these first packs, all the yerba is what the THC Crew produces, but in the future, we plan to invite other Mexican growers to distribute their plants in Flor de Caña packs.”

The pack includes several matches and sandpaper to light cigarettes

The packet is from Shiva, an Indica strain from the Sensi Seeds seed bank. After breaking the logo and sliding the inside of the pack, the aroma from the reefers penetrates directly into the nostrils, an indicator of the quality of the product. In addition to the joints, the pack includes several matches and sandpaper to light them. And since the total content of the pack is 3.5 grams, it is within the legal limit of carrying indicated by Mexican laws. The idea, according to Dany, is that once the box is purchased (buying and selling is still illegal in the country), nothing has to be illegal.

Mexico’s first cannabis cigarettes is a 100% handmade product, made with quality flowers grown by Mexican producers. (Source)

By sucking on the dull joint, some floral tones can be perceived. And when lit, the sound of combustion is crisp and the smoke from the cigar is white and thick. The taste leaves when you try it is very similar to its aroma, you can tell it is good cannabis by the taste, besides it does not produce cough.

“These packs are made for those who know about cannabis and want to have a quality product in their hands,” Dany told. “Some people think they are expensive, but that is because we are not only selling the cannabis we grow, but also the band that is forging the joints, the creative idea, the design, and the brand,” he added that his packs are not intended to replace the market of ounces and grams that cannabis frequent but to provide an option for those who are looking for something elegant and quality.

“This is just getting started, man,” Dany told. He knows that as soon as the personal use of the plant is regulated, hundreds of people will try to enter the market, that’s why it’s so important to be pioneers. “We already made the first cup and now the first pack. I know I have about six months before others in Mexico start doing it, so I’m already thinking about what we’re going to do next,” concluded Dani, with a smile between pride and emotion.


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