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3 hemp beauty products you will fall in love with

Cannabis beauty products can have a great effect on the skin.

In addition to providing deep moisturization due to its 85% essential fatty acids, it helps to balance the epidermis and has calming, antioxidant and relaxing effects.

The effects of cannabis beauty products

It’s understanding for some people to be alarmed by the idea. But you can stay calm knowing that it is legal and has no psychoactive effects on the body.

Sephora is one of the first companies to have a complete line of cannabis beauty products.

They explain that hemp is very rich in cannabidiol and is one of the more than 80 cannabinoid compounds that exist.

This non-psychoactive molecule is one of the main ingredients of medicinal cannabis. It has a powerful therapeutic effect because our body contains specific receptors of cannabis.

They’re called CB1, and CB2 and are present in the brain as well as in the nervous, digestive and immune systems. They are also present in skin.

Beauty products
New brands launch a lot of products containing hemp. (Source)

Highly rated beauty products

After all this explanation I threw myself into the pool. I decided to test a repertoire of hemp beauty products and these are the three that have surprised me the most.

Sooae mask will relax your skin

My first contact with the ingredient in question was with the face mask. I liked the result so much that I encouraged myself to continue trying other products.

The Sooae mask is made with hemp seed oil, allantoin and shea butter. It also has coconut among its ingredients.

It also has one of the greatest revitalizing powers I’ve ever had. With a repulping and super-hydrating effect, it seems to be a treatment to make at home that is totally worth it. No face can resist.

I had one of the worst face days due to stress and the mask was able to relax me and activate my skin in 15 minutes. This is no doubt my favorite hemp beauty product.

face mask
Hemp mask has a super-hydrating effect and is a treatment to make at home that is totally worth it. (Source)

Are hemp products safe to use?

CBD booster stands out for containing 100% hemp. You can add a few drops to your serum, cream or makeup base or you can use it alone.

I have tried it alone and in makeup and what I would highlight is its glow effect. It leaves the face super luminous and awake.

If you have skin prone to irritation, this will come in handy as a shock treatment for times of stress. When facial skin is often congested, it has helped me a lot.

As a person with dry skin, I love oils. Both my skin and my hair appreciate them a lot and absorb them very quickly.

I liked this one with hemp because it has a more comfortable dry finish than usual and it moisturizes a lot.

You don’t have to apply it every day. With just a couple of days a week you will notice results. Using a multipurpose oil is always a tip especially for travel.

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