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Anticipating the Quintana Roo Cannabis Industry

A flourishing industry to is ready for exploitation as commercialized cannabis is already impatiently waiting to take off in Quintana Roo, in Mexico.

One producer is poised with a unique combination of crypto-currency and the land to grow. With a capital of over 3 million dollars in crypto and a huge plot of 100 hectares to plant the herb as soon as the Congress of the Union approves the law. The legislation for the legal use of the coveted “green gold” is scheduled to be based by December 15, at the latest.

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Is the Quintana Roo cannabis project one man’s stalled dream?

All this project of industry and investment around cannabis is offered from the publication from the 27th of October, in the account of Rodrigo Domenzain Martinez’s Twitter. There he shares their “proposal of how to put to work the blockchain and cannabis wolds hand in hand”. The same Domenzain Martinez who was, apparently, apprehended by Mexican authorities in September of 2019 for a fraud worth more than 400 million pesos.

Although the “Mexican businessman” does not clarify if he was released or if he continues being imprisoned, he is calling by diverse means and more than a hundred of showy sites of Internet to carry out this 26 of December a Great Festival, in Isla Mujeres. The stated goal being to “be able to find the best producers and varieties of cannabis”, while listening to dozens of bands of reggae. But the real attraction seems to be for those who wish to invest in what he, and many others, refer to as “the green gold”.

The project offers a dual sided approach to cannabis through crypto

The crypto-currency called Agrocoin, “proudly from Quintana Roo”, was on sale a few months ago at the Alteumx exchange house (according to Rodrigo Domenzain in an e-mail). Also, the global verification site coinmarketcap places this crypto in the top 800 (of almost 35 thousand digital currencies) of world preferences, with a total capital of 3 million 792 thousand 467 US dollars.

Furthermore, in the 20 pages of the project proposal the possession of 100 hectares of land is mentioned in several occasions. The parcel is located in the Ejido of Leona Vicario, of the municipality of Puerto Morelos, only 30 minutes away from Cancun and practically in the heart of the Riviera Maya. Accompanied by photographs and a video made from the heights of a drone flight, the label reads: “if this is how they are sowed with habanero, imagine how beautiful they will look with cannabis”. He assures that he has “a contract for 30 years with the Ejido of Leona Vicario before the National Agrarian Registry (RAN)”.

Building an industry for tomorrow, is it real today?

Within the pitch, he states that in May 2019 they celebrated a contract with the Secretary of Labor and Social Welfare, with the program Youth Building the Future. Accordingly they have 50 places available in Puerto Morelos, Quintana Roo, for ‘Agromind’s’ who want to collaborate in the cannabis project. At the same time they can receive a paid scholarship at Agros (the company) with the end goal of sharing the business with the participants.

But this dubious visionary goes further: “our plan will focus on producing cannabis with hydroponic technology. All procedures in the supply chain, from seed to sale, will be controlled by our data management system with additional technologies such as RFID tags for safety and security.”

Their goal is evenetually to have collection centers (warehouses) in the main cities: Mexico City, Guadalajara, Culiacan, Cancun and Monterrey. There they will pay the suppliers of cannabis with agrocoins through the Agrocoin App (currently only available on Android) that allows payment in real time to the different producers, both large and small (20 plants per person, as proposed by the minister Olga Sanchez Cordero). They even want to open marketplaces for agricultural products besides cannabis with payments in crypto currencies. “There will be Mexican and international products available in physical stores in Mexico and through electronic commerce in Mexico, Canada, United States and other countries that support cannabis. All agricultural products will be available for purchase at the AgroStore.”

The ‘Agro’ dream from Quintana Roo cannabis production is only starting

While details about cannabis production and products abounded in their communications such as the distinction between “Agropot and Agromota”. Agropot being for all known and well marketing varieties of cannabis. “Agromota will be available on the Agropot platform, where we will cover all kinds of Mexican cannabis products, such as Acapulco Gold, Mexican Sativa and other endemics”. They were decidedly quiet on some of the more concerning details of the enterprise.

In an e-mail sent to Rodrigo Domenzain he pointed out that it is a business to invest in legally and that it is well constituted. Yet he never clarified if he is behind bars or not. After which there was no further response. Readers will have to judge for themselves what the future of this Quintana Roo cannabis dream will be.


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