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Company offers work as a cannabis taster: reveals worldwide shift

The world certainly has changed, and if you have any doubt just how far things have come, take a look at one Cannabis company’s bold new ‘job offer’. American Marijuana is looking for a cannabis “taster”, to whom monthly they will send diverse cannabis products. If being a social media influencer for cannabis is your dream job then the stars and politics may finally be in alignment for you.

Mexico’s Cannabis decriminalization further opens cannabis doors

Great commotion has been caused in recent days by the decriminalization of the consumption of cannabis in Mexico. After the Senate there approved a law that allows personal consumption of cannabis for adults.

In spite of this surprising turn of events, it is necessary to emphasize that cannabis consumption is not yet legal either in Mexico. The country still has not revised the opinion in their House of Representatives to make the personal consumption for adults over 18 legal.

Where its consumption is legal however, and has been for several years now, is in California, United States. Where an unusual job offer has captivated internet users after the company ‘American Marijuana’ announced a vacancy for all those interested in testing and reviewing cannabis products, a task for which it offers a not insignificant compensation (around 3000 US dollars a month) .

The ‘cannabis taster’ work seems to be 100% real…

…or at least a response to 100% real demand.

Given the doubts and uncertainty generated by the peculiar job offer, hundreds of internet users described the publication as “a joke”. However, the company clarified through a statement, that the offer “is 100% real and is an important job that includes more than just getting paid to smoke weed.”

Those interested should be clear that it is not just about smoking and getting paid, but a real consequence of capitalism arriving in a field previously held out of legal or regulatory…or commercial, view. It seems to be a job in which it is necessary not just to test the products, but also to review them, educating and marketing them in the process. An influence if you will.

If that is not evidence of the changing field that legalization has pushed cannabis into, then I do not know what is.

A different kind of pusher for a new, legal, product range

According to local media, the company is looking for a cannabis “taster”, to whom they will send monthly different kinds of products for consumption. The products need to be reviewed for a ‘general public’ audience, i.e non stoner.

Furthermore they are asking for candidates with broad knowledge of the subject, perhaps not academic, but they will need to be eloquent and convincing. In effect they are looking for a marketer. Certainly the tables have turned on this once underground industry that is now being propelled into the bright light of social media, which needs a new set of faces.

Those interested are offered to work from home and an annual salary of $36,000, so they would receive around $3,000 a month. Real wages, for a real job…in what is increasingly clear to be an industry reflecting and reacting to a new reality.

They need a taster with “guts and knowledge”

The company claims that the offer looks for interested candidates that “have the guts to smoke cannabis every day”. Although they were quick to clarify that they are not just looking for person who knows how to smoke but that has knowledge of the subject to be able to “educate the readers”.

The requirements are straightforward enough for the job: applicants have to be at least 18 years of age, enjoy a good state of physical and mental health (i.e will be attractive to other clients!). Obviously they must live in part of the United States or Canada where the consumption of cannabis is legal, as well as to have the specialized and scientific knowledge of cannabis.

Cannabis taster ‘dream job’ shows who the big dreamers are in the sector

So for the amateurs hoping to get free product without much effort and be paid for the process: welcome to the real world. Cannabis may be legal now, and that means that market forces and those who depend upon and influence them will be the leaders in the industry of the future. This job may look like a dream for your stoner cousin, but really they are hunting for savvy social media marketers to be. Signs of changing times in an industry that is slowly finding its feet in the modern, and real, world of the 21st century.

But if you are still interested in applying for this unique job, just go to where you can fill out the form to apply for the vacancy, the company will choose the best candidate on December 4 and will contact you via email.


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