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Cannabis products over-the-counter at Fécamp

A shop called CBD Land has just opened near the center of Fécamp, France. “Its specialty is cannabidiol in all its forms, for the well-being of consumers,” said one of the partners and the salesman. The sign was installed last weekend, taking over from another business. The products were quickly installed in the CBD Land store, place Bigot in Fécamp, before the opening day, February 4th.

Dried flowers for infusion, chocolate, lollipops, oil, and many more. To the uninitiated, this might seem like an ordinary shop. Except that all these items have one common denominator: they are made of cannabidiol (CBD). It is present in cannabis, but unlike THC, another component found in cannabis, it is not a narcotic.

The manufacturers isolate the two components, CBD and THC,  from the cannabis flowers, “to keep only the benefits of the plant.” Accompanied by Aymeric, the seller, Samir, one of the partners, was present for the opening of the shop on February 4th. He discovered the CBD “from the electronic cigarette.” For several years, before hiring an employee, he ran the store on the other side of the square that offers this accessory. “I realized the benefit, the well-being,” said Samir. is the world’s cannabis resource to learn about marijuana. Read the latest cannabis news and lifestyle information with, where we bring you the latest medical marijuana studies, legalization updates, and other compelling cannabis content.

At CBD Land they also sell cosmetics

At CBD Land the manager and the employee orient customers about their cosmetic products. (Source)

According to CBD Land, in the form of oil, the product can “alleviate pain.” “It’s not medical, far from it. The customer is asked to rate his pain from 0 to 10 and is advised what product to buy. The oil can be used orally, possibly flavored with hazelnut, for example, by keeping it for about 60 seconds under the tongue, or locally applied to the pain, or in capsules.”

The manager and the employee know their items very well, informed by their supplier who is located in the south of France. On the cosmetic side, the CBD would contribute to a good exfoliation, to hair care, and has a moisturizing effect, helping  “to the skin’s elasticity,” added Aymeric.

In the store, clients can also find lollipops, honey, chocolate, and seeds. In all these types of products, there is competition from the Internet. “But people prefer to have advice. On the opening day, some have already passed through the door of CBD Land, interested.”

Four weeks earlier, the first store opened in Yvetot, and another one should follow in Dieppe in two months. Samir received many calls for the installation of franchises. “It’s a big trend. In Yvetot, the business is well underway, by word of mouth in particular,” he said. “In the beginning, we thought we’d mostly have young people as customers. But we have all age groups. For example, a 70-year-old suffering from osteoarthritis.”

CBD-based products come with no label

Although the store is completely legal, initially its opening was questioned and they still sell cannabis products without a label. (Source)

Samir is careful to point out that the CBD-based products he sells “complement the natural effect. Clients are told not to stop their medical treatment, and he advises them “not to smoke” the contents of the infusions. Otherwise, 80% of the benefits of the product would be lost.”

Because the opening of stores offering cannabidiol was at one time legally challenged, the co-manager sought legal advice. “I asked a lawyer all the questions,” he noted. “After he agreed, we decided to open. Yvetot, where the 30-year-old comes from, was a test town, as for his electronic cigarettes.”

At the moment, the owner is delighted to be so present in Fécamp. “People are pleasant. I don’t know if it’s the sea air that does it,” Samir said while smiling. He added: “It’s a business like any other. It’s a bit noisy at first, but it’s a long way from being a coffee shop, as we still have to take the cannabis label off.”


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