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CORELL advertises CBD products for seniors

70% of people over 65 suffer from pain. Joint pain like osteoarthritis, back pain, muscle pain, depression or lethargy are an integral part of the daily life of senior citizens. For these reasons and more, CBD for seniors is becoming an increasingly popular trend.

It is no longer necessary to prove that CBD (cannabidiol,) a natural molecule with no side effects derived from cultivated cannabis (Cannabis Sativa L variety registered in the European catalogue) provides a powerful wellness solution to these problems. But the choice of the product and the way it is used remains in question.

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CORELL develops CBD for seniors

Sophie and Laurence have thus created CORELL, a 100% Swiss brand that meets all these criteria.

“CORELL has precisely developed a range of CBD products for seniors,” commented its founders. “Surrounded by nutritionists and doctors, we set ourselves four non-negotiable objectives from the outset to develop our products.”

The founders explained that their mission is to: innovate and offer a CBD asset ratio higher than that of the European market for optimum efficiency, to offfer only premium quality products, to add CBD to other dietary supplements to complement its virtues and that the product is easy to use and adapted to the daily life of senior citizens.

CBD and chinese checkers representing CBD for seniors
CORELL offers cannabis products made for elderly people who need to deal with different sources of pain. (Source)

The three flagship CBD products for seniors

CORELL’s CBD products for seniors are based on organic rapeseed oil that is rich in omega 3, is a polyunsaturated fatty acid and a key element for healthy ageing.

To soften the taste of cannabis, natural fruit flavours (strawberry or vanilla) have been added, as the taste is not always appreciated by older people. It is delivered with a pipette for sublingual intake and a roll-on tip to apply the oil on painful points of osteoarthritis or tendinitis before massage.

If using these CBD products for seniors under the tongue is complicated even in front of a mirror, people can pour the drops on a biscuit or use other easy methods, however, the sublingual method is quick and effective.

In the sublingual method, the oil passes directly from the oral mucosa to the bloodstream. If you swallow it, it will stop in the stomach to dissolve there before being able to cross the intestines to finally reach the bloodstream.

CORELL includes other important ingredients in their products

Certain CBD products for seniors in this range also contain spirulina or chlorella which are rich in proteins. Seniors indeed need protein to boost the loss of muscle mass with age.

CORELL offers an active rate higher than that of the market with CBD products for seniors containing 300 mg of CBD for a cure of 5 days for periods of intense pain or recovery and relaxation.

Tea representing water soluble CBD products for seniors
CORELL products are recommended to be taken sublingualy but they are also water soluble for easy dosing. (Source)

Unlike other products on the market, there is no need to add a fat to these CBD products for seniors since CBD is directly soluble in water and allows a better assimilation by the body by increasing the bioavailability of this cannabinoid.

Their three “Sleep, Antioxidant and Female Balance” infusions, stamped with the budding label (Swiss organic label,) have been custom-made by the Swiss horticultural partner with a blend of organic medicinal plants with recognized properties.

“Many of our customers are either seniors themselves who call us or their own family, friends, children, grandchildren. It’s very nice.  We are there to accompany them in their quest for well-being,” company founders stated.


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