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Leading medical marijuana company sets up shop in Argentina

Canopy Growth has arrived in Argentina, with headquarters in Ubatec, the technology unit of the National University of Buenos Aires. The company aims to work on the advancement of education and research on medicinal cannabis in Argentina.

“Our initial focus is education and science…we understand that for the national legislation to advance. However, it is necessary to help health professionals and officials, journalists and the general population. This is in terms of providing more information,” explained Marcelo Télam Duerto. He is the regional head of the company for Argentina, Paraguay, Uruguay, and Bolivia. 

They regulate research on cannabis. In addition, Canopy Growth’s goals in relation to education and scientific research expects to help.

A Canadian company

Canopy Growth is a Canadian company and they dedicate their resources to the manufacture of cannabis. Their medical division (Spectrum Therapeutics) serves more than 100,000 patients worldwide and operates in more than 15 countries.

“The medicinal use of cannabis implies important advances in the treatment of diverse pathologies,” says Lorenzo Basso, president of Ubatec. Medical representatives of the firm, Wellington Briques and Danial Schecter, who also directs the foundation of Clínica Médica Canabo, the largest medical cannabis clinic in Canada, explained that the medicinal use of cannabis “is not new,” as it dates back to China and was introduced to Western medicine by Dr. William O’Shaughness around 1840.

The medicinal use of marijuana in Western medicine was introduced in 1840 by Dr. William O’Shaughness. (Source)

Halted research

They aim to discover the effects in the treatment of pathologies with the two main active components of cannabis, THC, and CBD.

Additionally, on the evidence from systematic reviews, Schecter showed that, in terms of therapeutic benefits, there was “conclusive or substantial evidence of efficacy” of cannabis in the treatment of chronic pain in adults. In addition, the treatment of chemotherapy-induced nausea and vomiting, management of multiple sclerosis spasticity and treatment of intractable seizures in Dravet and Lennox-Gastaut syndromes.

Used with caution

In addition, he stressed that there are groups in which cannabis should be used with caution: people under the age of 25, substance use disorder, schizophrenia, unmanaged mental health disorder, unstable heart disease, unstable respiratory disease, pregnancy and those who are breast-feeding.

Argentina will be the fifth country in South America where Canopy Growth will promote its educational activities in an initial phase. Furthermore, they will continue with a process of strategic expansion aligned with the advancement of regulations in the region.

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