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Discovering new and better cannabis varieties with genetics

Science and technology are capable of opening up completely new horizons in many sectors. The breeding and cultivation of cannabis seeds were not to be left behind, for experimentation in this sector is enabling the discovery of new varieties that are much better than previous ones in every respect. It is genetics, above all, that is making seed banks evolve as never before.

The best example of this is the gorilla glue variety, a fairly young variety that has started to be sold by specialized Grow Shops such as Seedstockers, a shop renowned for the quality and variety of seeds they sell, which come from both Spain and the Netherlands. Their quality and prices have brought them to the top but, above all, they have opted for genetics to extend their catalog.

The new genetic seed banks open up a world of possibilities

From stores to specialized teams have begun to explore even more the world of genetics in marijuana to shape the new seed banks. As a result, in addition to finding a catalog with increasingly different and interesting varieties, buyers are also being able to encounter prices that are quite difficult to match. Qualities are rising at the same rate as varieties, but prices are holding up or even falling.

This is quite attractive for a sector that continues to expand and is seeing how experimentation and research in the crop are helping it to grow and extend its frontiers more than ever. This, together with the internet and online grow shops, is making it possible for more and more people to approach this option to grow at home and also to try out for themselves how good these new varieties are.

Through the Seedstockers store, we can see many of these new genetic varieties with the seed banks they have. Their catalog has been filled with more and more options among which we can find from the more than successful Gorilla Glue to others like Girl Scout, Sherbet, or Cookies and Cream. As we will see below, the variety is really great.

What varieties of cannabis seeds can I find now?

We have already given several names, and we have to insist on some of them because their popularity is not due to something random. Gorilla Glue, for example, is an American variety born from the crossing of three other families and has stood out because of its rapid flowering and its great amount of resin. Its powerful aroma goes hand in hand with the great facility to plant it and make it grow, hence it has been gaining so much ground as one of the great favorites for those who want to grow or experiment.

We can also find other variants such as Sherbet, Gelato 41, Do si dos, Blackberry Gum, Northern Lights or even AK420. All of them have very different qualities at the level of aroma and breeding, although they have in common the enormous facilities they offer, especially for those less experienced in terms of planting and care. They grow easily, and what is better, they offer a great quality that goes hand in hand with really low prices for packs of 10 seeds.

Genetics are serving to make unexpected combinations

All in all, the picture is far from stagnating and staying as it is. Genetics are serving to make totally unexpected combinations and get better and better results. We have already seen several families quite known here, but even during this year we will see the birth of more and more alternatives that, surely, can be found in the best shops both physical and online.

The current variety of families is almost impossible to survey, and what is better, the predictions already advance that we will see even more and more appearing in the coming months, let alone years. These are certainly very good times for cannabis.

The marijuana growing and breeding industry has been going into the field of genetics for years to look for more options to expand their catalogues. While it is true that this experimentation has nothing new when we talk about plants and grafts, it is novel and even shocking to see how it is opening ground here in the world of grow shops.

For their prices, for the facilities, for the aromas, for the flavours and, in short, for all the properties that characterise them. The new families of marijuana seeds from the emerging crop gene banks are opening up more possibilities than ever to both veterans and those just starting to explore the world of cannabis growing. One that is becoming increasingly easy and accessible thanks to these new possibilities that are appearing.

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