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How to make cannabis truffles

As a bit of a respite from more serious news for the weekend, let’s have a look at how you can make some delicious cannabis truffles. Chocolate truffles are a sweet very similar to a bonbon, but they are made with dark chocolate, butter, icing sugar, egg yolk and sometimes also cream.

As you can guess, its name refers to the fungus that develops underground, a culinary delicacy widely used in haute cuisine to give flavor to certain dishes.

In this case, however, this sweet is ideal on its own to surprise your friends in meetings, but also to give yourself a pleasure any day and an alternative to the typical sponge cakes or cannabis cookies. Just don’t share them with your dog; chocolate isn’t good for them!

Ingredients for the cannabis truffles

  • 150 grams of dark chocolate for desserts
  • 100 ml of liquid cream
  • 250 grams of cupcakes or sponge
  • 10 grams of cannabis
  • 1 tablespoon of butter
  • 1 shot of liquor (Brandy or rum, for example)

How to make the cannabis truffles

As is usual for cannabis baked goods, we start by integrating cannabis into one of the fatty ingredients. In this case we will integrate it into the cream and not into the butter. Making a cannabis cream is no more complicated than making a cannabis milk. To do this, we put the cream and the crushed cannabis in a saucepan over a low heat. We let it infuse for about 30 minutes without stopping stirring and at a temperature of 115-120º.

This will cause the cannabinoids to dissolve in the cream and the THC to be decarboxylate correctly. That is to say, that it passes from its acid state to the neutral state, and its psychoactivity is activated. After this time we remove it from the heat.

Then, with a very fine strainer or a coffee filter, we strain to remove the vegetable matter and reserve. We will use the cannabis cream later, but it must be cold.

In a bowl, we then crumble the cupcakes until we get some fine crumbs. It’s not a good idea to let any thick crumbs escape, as this would mainly affect the texture of our cannabis truffles. And, for the time being, we also reserve this for later.

The Butter and the Chocolate

In another saucepan add the butter and put it on a low heat until it melts. To prevent the butter from burning through carelessness, something that would harm the taste of the truffles, you can add a few drops of olive oil. It will take very little time to melt, it should be stirred continuously until it is completely liquid.

And we will quickly start melting the chocolate so as not to give the butter time to solidify. We can do this in a bowl in the microwave, with intervals of no more than 15-20 seconds, stirring in between as the heat of the container itself will help us. We can also do it in a bain-marie, it will only take a few minutes.

When the chocolate has melted, we add the crumbled muffins, the cannabis cream, the liquor, and the butter, which should still be liquid or with an ointment texture. With the help of our hands, a spoon, or a pastry spatula, we knead very well until all the ingredients of the cannabis truffles are integrated and form a homogeneous dough.

Finishing the recipe

We will cover the lot with a transparent film paper in the same container we used. This will prevent drying and an outer crust from forming. And we put it in the fridge so that it acquires consistency and is easier to work with afterwards. About 30-40 minutes is usually enough, although it will always depend on the temperature of the cream and butter in the previous step.

After this time, we take out of the fridge and remove the transparent film. All that remains is to make small balls of the same size with the help of your hands. To finish, we can pass each of the cannabic truffles through cocoa, grated coconut, or chocolate noodles to give them a different finish. Although it is totally optional, it will help them not to stick together and not to melt so easily in our hands when we eat them.

A dose of 0.5 grams of ingested cannabis provides remarkable effects, depending on the individual’s consumption habits of course. So make at least 20 cannabis truffles so that each one has those 0.5 grams. Keep them in the fridge and in a container with a lid, where they can be kept in good condition for at least two weeks.

(Featured image by Asya Vlasova via Pexels)


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