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The potential in Mexico’s cannabis legalization

Mexico’s cannabis legalization has great potential as a raw material and for medicinal use. If governments and organizations began to analyze the new global cannabis market and its diversification, the country could further expand its marketing and strengthen its economy by legalizing and producing cannabis.

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Mexico’s cannabis legalization boom

Alfredo Diaz Belmontes, director of the Mexican Association of Protected Horticulture (AMHPAC), mentioned that cannabis legalization and use have been booming in countries such as Colombia, the United States, and Canada, as they have realized the profitability of the cannabis business.

He also said that Mexico should not lag behind in the production and marketing of cannabis. Mexico’s cannabis legalization can be quite profitable.

Alfredo Diaz Belmontes explained that hemp can be used as a raw material to manufacture everything from shoes and garments to auto parts for cars and airplanes. This would save and better exploit natural resources, as well as create innovate industries.

Colombia, Canada, and the United States are countries that have started to take advantage of the marketing and production of cannabis for industrial and medical use. In addition, the director of the AMHPAC mentioned that cannabis benefits the health of people in medicinal use.

Mexico’s cannabis legalization has a high potential for medicinal users

Mexico's cannabis legalization is promising.
Mexico’s cannabis legalization will lead to using hemp to manufacture a variety of items from garments to transportation. (Source)

Cristina Sanchez, a professor in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology at the Complutense University of Madrid, said that it is increasingly common for cancer patients to resort to the use of the plant because it is clinically proven that the substance prevents side effects, such as nausea, vomiting, and loss of appetite caused by chemotherapy.

“The subject of cannabis is being pushed very strongly, more by the production of hemp for industrial use and the plant’s benefits in the health area,” reiterated Alfredo Diaz Belmontes.

Therefore, he said it is necessary for senators and deputies to analyze the issue to know the potential of the cannabis plant to diversify the global market and make a profitable business in the country.

“The potential of the cannabis plant is enormous, and we must be weighing and asking the markets what they want now, throwing numbers and producing those that are profitable for us. We have to be conscious, and the agencies and government must be doing a lot of business intelligence, to know what the market is asking for now, and if it is economically feasible to produce it, and to diversify the market if we want to survive in this global struggle.”

Postponed cannabis legalization in Mexico

Erandi Bermudez Mendez, Senator of the Republic, said that the discussion about cannabis legalization in Mexico was postponed until February next year.

CBD lip balm is just one benefit of Mexico's cannabis legalization.
A profitable cannabis market awaits Mexican marijuana legalization including products derived from hemp. (Source)

He noted that the PAN Parliamentary Group does not agree to approve the use of cannabis for recreational purposes, but said they are willing to analyze more if intended for medicinal use.

“We do not agree o legalize cannabis in playful issues. It is very different in the scientific issue and in medicinal use. That is another issue that we are willing to discuss,” said Erandi Bermúdez Méndez.


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