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The research behind medical cannabis in Argentina

Currently, in Argentina, medical cannabis oil can be prescribed only for the treatment of diseases like epilepsy and the product is imported. Groups are working to provide a service that reports on its composition and quality.

This is essential because its health effects are directly related to the proportion of compounds in the different varieties of the cannabis plant. Often, patients who consume it for other medical conditions obtain cannabis oil illegally. 

Knowing the composition

A team of scientists in Mar del Plata is working to provide analysis services so that patients know the composition of the oil they are consuming. Although this service is already available in some parts of the country, in Mar del Plata it is not yet available.

They began to work with cannabis for medical purposes at the end of 2016. The goal is to look for alternatives to treatments for chronic pain. They work with the Marplatense Association of Cannabicultores and many families that were using cannabis to treat symptoms.

To advance in the investigations, the National Program for the scientific investigation on cannabis must still be formalized. This indicates the steps followed in order to access the plant material and carry out the research work. Waiting for this program is an impediment for the projects to continue working.

medical cannabis
The public production of oil begins in order to avoid the existence of the black market. (Source)

Developing a method

The group of researchers is part of the Argentine Medical cannabis Network (RACME). They are composed of professionals from different disciplines nationwide. In addition, they are working on an agreement that allows the development of a method to identify and quantify cannabinoids. They use different varieties of cannabis sativa and generate secondary patterns with the Environmental Research Center of the National University of La Plata and CONICET.

Many of these issues will be discussed in “Dialogues on Medicinal cannabis,” whose panel will be made up of Silvana Colman, Ariel Cherro, a certified clinical doctor in palliative care belonging to the Argentine Society of Medicine, Alejandra Fanovich, an independent researcher at CONICET, Juan Tapia, Judge of Guarantees and holder of the Court of Guarantees Nº 4 of the Judicial Department of Mar del Plata and Susana La Rocca, Coordinator of the Interdisciplinary Thematic Program in Bioethics of the National University of Mar del Plata. The activity will take place at 2 pm and with free and free admission and with limited spaces in the room, in the Cinemas Level of Los Gallegos Shopping, Rivadavia 3050. For more information:

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