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U.S. cannabis companies focus their efforts on the production of hand sanitizer

Many United States government bodies considered companies producing and selling cannabis to be ‘essential’ during the coronavirus pandemic and allowed them to continue to operate. Currently, some cannabis companies are producing hand disinfectants to help combat Covid-19.

As the coronavirus pandemic is spreading around the world, the demand for hand sanitizer grows and sales have skyrocketed to critical levels. Finding such a product now in a store is an almost impossible task.

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Cannabis companies taking a stand against the coronavirus

In order to meet demand, companies are thinking about new strategies and approaches. Among all, cannabis companies have taken a step ahead and decided to manufacture hand sanitizer and distribute it in local hospitals.

Cannabis companies are using processes involved in growing and extracting cannabis to produce disinfectant gels, in order to reduce the spread of the new coronavirus. This is a sign that companies in the cannabis sector are paying attention to the interests of their local communities. In the long run, that will help cannabis companies improve their reputation and boost their sales.

Hand sanitizers can be classified as alcohol-based and alcohol-free. Currently, guidelines indicate that the alcohol-based hand sanitizers are the most effective ones against Covid-19, especially if they have 60% or more alcohol in their formula, which has proven to kill most germs. That is because alcohol destroys the envelope protein inside every virus, a vital piece that helps it survive and multiply.

Alcohol-based hand sanitizer a priority for a lot of cannabis companies

CannaCraft, a cannabis producer based in Santa Rosa, California, has transformed part of its production area to develop and package individual bottles of hand sanitizer.

According to Leafy, Dennis Hunter, founder of CannaCraft, mentioned that both packaging and ingredients that were destined to the development of different cannabis-based products are now being refocused into the development of hand sanitizer. That would help keep all the frontline workers, who are fighting against the Covid-19 pandemic in the U.S, safe. He also added that: “It’s just really amazing to be able to be in that position to help people and the community, and be part of the solution to the things we’re dealing with.”

“When we began to hear about hand disinfectant shortages, we knew we could help without affecting our employees or our business,” the CannaCraft CEO Jim Hourigan added.

In Massachusetts, The Commonwealth Dispensary Association, which represents 36 cannabis companies across the state, said that its members can now start producing hand disinfectants, which will be passed on to local hospitals.

Aloha Green Holdings in Honolulu, which owns growing, processing and retailing facilities in Hawaii, said it produces hand disinfectants for patients using cannabis for medical purposes. The product is free of charge for patients with patient cards at the company’s facilities. There is currently a limit of one 500ml bottle per patient until production increases.

Organigram, a Canadian cannabis producer, announced on Twitter that the company has donated 500 liters of ethanol from its production facility in New Brunswick to produce disinfectants for the local health service.


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