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Weed Me, a Canadian cannabis producer, reports huge revenue growth

Founded in 2016 by Terry Kulaga and Benny Presman, Weed Me predicted the demand for high quality. It means high-quality cannabis products for the growing Canadian cannabis market. Weed Me grows cannabis in small “clean rooms” in a fully controlled environment, without the use of soil, chemicals or pesticides.

Good quality products

“Not every cannabis product is the same, even if it’s the same genetic strain. It is the production methods and quality control procedures that distinguish a product. That’s why companies and consumers prefer our product,” says Terry Kulaga, co-founder, and COO of Weed Me.

Weed Me medical marijuana pre-rolls come from the highest quality hemp flour and contain no stalks, slats or food. Also, approved patients can find the Weed Me preroll range, including the Dutch Passion brand, on the website.

Weed Me also offers seeds for medical users who want to grow their own plants. Weed Me offers so-called “auto-flowering” seeds. Which grow in most cases – unlike ordinary feminized seeds, which require special attention.

Weed Me, marijuana
Weed Me medical marijuana pre-rolls come from the highest quality hemp flour and contain no stalks, slats or food. (Source)

“We are constantly looking for a variety of high-quality products for our esteemed patients. – This is Aaron Bouganim, Managing Director of CannMart. “As the leading online market for legal medical marijuana in Canada and the first company to receive a sales license from Health Canada, we focus on quality products and strong supplier relationships. Weed Me is a great supplier. We currently offer Weed Me rolled products and look forward to introducing additional Weed Me products in the future.”

Weed Me Inc.

Founded in April 2016, Weed Me is a leading Canadian licensed manufacturer with exclusive Canadian rights to Dutch Passion genetics, with around 60 species. Weed Me’s vision is to improve life with high quality medical and recreational marijuana.

Headquartered in Pickering, Ontario, the company focuses on developing unique formulations and varieties of cannabis that meet the needs of recreational and medical users. Weed Me uses the company’s manufacturing facilities and clinical data to minimize operating costs when developing unique strains and formulations.

Marijuana and other companies

Teva Pharmaceuticals, an NYSE giant, signed an agreement with Canndoc, a marijuana company. The agreement covers the distribution of GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) products to pharmaceutical customers, including hospitals, HMOs and all pharmacies in Israel.

Weed Me, stock market
Teva Pharmaceuticals, an NYSE giant, signed an agreement with Canndoc, a marijuana company. (Source)

Also, it is important to note that Teva Pharmaceuticals, in every respect, from market capitalization to the income we see, is one of the largest pharmaceutical companies in the world. Besides, it is the largest generic manufacturer in the world. Needless to say, this is a big deal.

Distribution of medical cannabis

Furthermore, according to the agreement, the subsidiary Teva Salomon, Levin, Elstein (SLE) will not only distribute Canndoc products in Israel but will also “try to provide logistical opportunities to export Canndoc products to countries that support the regulation of the sale and distribution of medical cannabis products,” said Canndoc, a subsidiary of listed InterCure as soon as local regulations allow.

Although this is not the first contract between a large pharmaceutical company and a company associated with cannabis. To clarify it is one of the most unusual to date – the pharmacy is cautious about cannabis, CBD and related industries.

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