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Wisconsin farmers are ready for next hemp growing season

Wisconsin farmers are preparing to grow hemp for the 2019 growing season. On Oct. 4, several farmers learned about the opportunities in growing hemp at the Memorial Florist and Greenhouse in Appleton, per WSAW-TV.

Hemp experts from Colorado

According to the CEO of Front Range Biosciences, Jon Vaught, there is great potential for the farmers in Wisconsin when it comes to hemp farming because they already have deep agricultural backgrounds and expertise when it comes to growing other crops.

Hemp, compared to other crops, is easier to manage. It can grow in different soil types and in several climates, per HuffPost. It also does not require much water. Several crop protection products are also not needed because hemp plants grow just like any other weed. This makes hemp a sustainable, environment-friendly crop. Hemp also grows faster compared to other crops.

cannabis fields for cbd production
Hemp, compared to other crops, is easier to manage. It can grow in different soil types and in several climates. (Source)

Front Range Biosciences discusses challenges

In terms of market, farmers also need to be aware that there is an existing one for hemp for them to be more interested. Several companies in the United States are looking to source hemp from farmers within the country or near their manufacturing facilities.

Moreover, there are several applications for hemp in different industries, which could be a great opportunity for raw material providers. Hemp produces fabrics, building materials, paper, fuel, food, and beverages. There is also a market for cannabidiol or CBD, a beneficial compound that the hemp plant is rich with. It provides health benefits, and more companies are heading towards that direction. This includes big pharmaceutical companies.

Though CBD can is both in marijuana and hemp, most CBD companies go for hemp because it has lower tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) levels. This is more favored by the current legislation in the US. THC is psychoactive and can induce the feeling of being high, which is why cannabis poses a risk for abuse.

The event includes educating farmers

For people who grow hemp for research purposes like Perry Brown, this event has helped him and other farmers in the state. He said, “We’re really happy to see companies like Front Range come in and start to look at it from a genetic standpoint, and trying to improve the genetics so that it’s a more uniform crop, and it grows in a standard way for Wisconsin farmers.”

hemp seeds in jar
Hemp is a very versatile crop as it can be used to produce fabrics, paper, fuel, and even food. (Photo by Marco Verch via Flickr. CC BY 2.0.)

Vaught and his company also get to learn from the farmers themselves. The inquiries about the hemp industry have helped them understand what the state farmer needs as they consider growing hemp. This way, according to Vaught, they can help prevent farmers in Wisconsin to make the same mistakes they did when they started their hemp venture.

More and more Wisconsin farmers consider growing hemp

Wisconsin farmers already tried growing hemp during the 2018 growing season, and more farmers are considering doing the same but most of them still need education when it comes to the hemp industry. The first hemp harvest for the 2018 growing season was held just last month.

There is truly great potential for hemp growing in Wisconsin, especially with farmers in the state willing to learn more about this crop. And as these farmers continue to learn, we could expect an increase in hemp supply from the state.

(Featured Image by Chris Boese)

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