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Canadian researchers study effects of hemp protein on hypertension

Canadian researchers are studying the curative properties of hemp proteins on hypertension. Previous studies had found conclusive results in hypertensive rats.

In addition to hypertension, she will assess the effect of a hemp protein diet on weight, cholesterol levels, body mass, hormones, and insulin production.

Increased risks of dementia

Hypertension became a global health crisis according to the WHO: 45 to 51 percent of the world’s annual deaths are linked to hypertension problems, or about half, and more than 1.3 billion people are currently diagnosed with hypertension. Untreated, hypertension can cause heart attacks, strokes, kidney disease, vision loss, erectile dysfunction and more.

Canada, hemp protein
Canadian researchers are studying the curative properties of hemp proteins on hypertension. (Source)

Some studies also suggest that hypertension developed between the ages of 45 and 65 may lead to increased risks of dementia later on, and as these figures suggest, hypertension is very common and is likely to be even more so in younger generations who combine high-risk behaviors (heavy smoking, alcohol consumption and poor diet).

However, the drugs used in its treatment cause many adverse reactions. “The drugs have many side effects,” explains Dr. Rotimi Aluko, who is leading the study. “If this protein can be shown to work against hypertension, then people can take a natural protein instead.”

The study

The study will involve 35 volunteers divided into three groups. The first group will ingest only hemp proteins, the second hemp proteins with peptides and the third hemp proteins with casein.

The protein, in powder form, will be mixed with a smoothie that participants will have to consume twice a day, for three times, 42 days interspersed with a 14-day break.

Specialists will evaluate the state of the subjects at the beginning and end of each regime.

hemp protein

Already available for purchase

In total, the study will last 22 weeks and the hemp protein will be provided by Manitoba Harvest, which is sponsoring the study. Their protein is already available for purchase on the Canadian and American market under the name Hemp Yeah! Max Protein.

The Heart and Stroke Foundation from Canada supports the study. Dr. Aluko is still looking for volunteers and hopes to be able to conduct the study this year. If all goes well the results should be available before the end of 2020 and, if they are conclusive, the doctor plans a similar study on kidney disease this time.

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