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Cannabis-based medicines now available in selected pharmacies in Colombia

In Manizales, where Kannab, the first clinic in the country is authorized to sell cannabis-based treatments, the company already has the first master formula tested on patients. In addition, in a month, another doctor’s office will be opened. The first clinic’s representatives hope to help those people who have been more mentally affected by the current crisis. 

When the contingency caused by the coronavirus began in Colombia, the former Minister of Health, Iván González, signed Resolution 315 of 2020, which gives free rein to the sale of these formulas, which are preparations made under medical indication.

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No more legal issues for medical cannabis patients in Colombia

“Before, since they did not have legal access, people had to resort to homemade preparations that were neither trained nor endorsed. Others could only have access to them if they did part of their research. Now, those who resort to this type of medicine can safely access a treatment that is prescribed and followed by a doctor,” said Estefanía Sánchez, commercial director of Kannab, the first clinic authorized to provide these treatments.

The first master formula created by this company, which has spent more than four years in research, is manufactured by a Colombian laboratory certified by Invima and is meant to alleviate pain. However, given the contingency, in one month, the company will launch on the market a formula to treat the pathologies that have emerged more in recent days: anxiety, stress, and depression.

“This is a huge opportunity for a product that is not part of alternative medicine, but of the science of cannabis. The formulas are delivered to pharmacies authorized to dispense control medications and with the express order of a doctor,” said Sanchez.

The master samples, both the one already on the market and the one that will be available in a month, have been tested on 600 patients. According to Sánchez, the test allowed the company to be more precise in the formulation.

“That is the advantage we have over the multinationals and what will allow the medical cannabis industry in Colombia to grow,” she said.

Medical cannabis is gaining acceptance around the world but fears still persist

Around the world, there has been progress in treating diseases with cannabis-based medicines. The World Health Organization has given a boost to the medical cannabis sector by removing cannabis from the list of dangerous drugs. However, there are still people who are afraid of using cannabis, even only for medical purposes. In response, Kannab’s medical director, Nataly Bolaños, said it is up to patients to use it responsibly.

“Like everything, if abused, cannabis generates dependency, as is the case with someone who becomes dependent on morphine, for example. The doctors are prepared to prescribe it, few still in Colombia, but it is the responsibility of the patient,” said Bolaños.

Because these drugs have special control, they were only given for one month. In the case of Caldas, the section of the Revolving Fund for Narcotics determined, to avoid crowding, that they can be delivered for three months, in addition to being sold at home.

It should be noted that this type of medication is not on the list of Compulsory Health Plans, so its cost is assumed by the patient.


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