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First official cannabis café in LA

A cozy restaurant, classic food – especially for the Munchies, plus buds, bongs, and pipes, and of course, no waiting time. What sounds like a dream or an incredible movie can be found in Los Angeles, California. The Lowell Café opens its doors to customers with feeding bottles and does its best work. The restaurant is named after the farmer William Lowell, who grew cannabis in California back in the early 20th century.

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Pre-rolled joints and buds and bongs

At restaurants’ entrance, the ID card is first checked and the visitor is noted in a system. Afterward he/she has to wait for a table. Contrary to all expectations, the curious visitor is not confronted with a wave of scent when entering the restaurant, which reminds of a hotbox in a car. The air in the restaurant is elaborately cleaned and everyone can enjoy their meal smoke-free. The environment is indisputably cozy and familiar, the walls are covered with real plants.

Once at the table, two cards are handed over. While in a normal restaurant, these would be a food and a drink menu, in Lowell Cafe, one is a menu card and one a selection of the available strains. The latter are arranged according to the THC content and have remarks to their taste. Phrases like “calm, woody,mindful” and “heavy, euphoric, creamy” are describing the strains in the menu. A wine connoisseur would feel comfortable there.

Cannabis can be enjoyed in different ways. The restaurant itself sells some, also in pre-turned joints. If you don’t want to miss your own Kush, you can also take it with you. Bongs and pipes are handed out for a small rent so that everybody gets their money’s worth. The food itself does not contain THC, but you can buy premade individually packed edibles.

More cannabis restaurants to follow

Although the price of food is a little higher than normal, the cost of cannabis is adjusted to standard prices. (Source)

Lowell Cafe is the first of its kind, and had to acquire a cannabis license for the distribution of hemp. Behind the restaurant is the marijuana brand Lowell Herb & Co. Other companies have also claimed such licenses, so more of these restaurants should open in the near future.

The cost of green gold is aligned with standard prices. The food is a little more expensive than usual in the Hollywood area. However, you can smoke a joint while eating instead of having to light it on a parking lot as usual. Among other things, there are also numerous vegan alternatives offered, but you can also replace them with burgers, fries, and nachos.

A restaurant for cannabis connoisseurs

Even those who do not like smoking in public do not need to be afraid here. The ambiance is calm and the mood is relaxed. In contrast to normal bars and restaurants, people stay relaxed and quiet. The restaurant has trained staff who will be there to help you in case of a bad experience. However, this service has hardly ever been needed before. Normally, the problem is just a slight discomfort in the midday sun. According to the staff, a cool towel and a glass of orange juice usually works wonders.

Once the joint has been smoked and the munchies slowly enter, you can order a meal. What is special about this restaurant is that the food is delivered on the spot – not like many “fast” food restaurants. The owners seem to know how slowly time can pass if you have to wait stoned for your meal.

The restaurant is still recommended for real smokers. Those who want to enjoy a meal in a pleasant restaurant with a good joint and a relaxed atmosphere should, in any case, stop by on their next trip to America.


(Featured image by Toa Heftiba via Pixabay)

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