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Government paves the way for medical cannabis in Israel

Given recent changes in the cannabis market, it’s not too surprising that cannabis in Israel has been a hot topic.

In the midst of a sudden change in the perception of medical cannabis, Israel only promotes its position in what it already knows about the breakthrough product.

Israel, a conservative country, is subjecting its inhabitants to criminal proceedings for growing or selling marijuana. However, the Israeli government believes that owning a plant is no longer a crime.

Residents can grow cannabis at home without risk. However, they can be fined if they take cannabis in public for anything other than medical reasons.

Cannabis in Israel’s capital

Ehud Barak, former Prime Minister of Israel, visited Tel Aviv to speak at the fourth annual CannaTech conference.

On the same day, the country declared cannabis lawful for adults. Barak, a plant supporter, mentioned the benefits of medical marijuana. Barak is currently Chairman of Canndoc/Intercure, a cannabis treatment company.

In the past, Barak did not support marijuana for medical and recreational purposes. However, he participates in the list of politicians who will become supporters.

The list includes John Boehner and former Mexican president Vicente Fox. All three politicians are trying to turn the perception of cannabis from a recreational plant into a medical breakthrough.

Cannabis in Israel will soon start to grow.
Israel, a conservative country, is subjecting its inhabitants to criminal proceedings for growing or selling marijuana. (Source)

Israel: the land of milk, honey, and marijuana

During the conference, Barak expressed his support for marijuana and its medical benefits.

Furthermore, he said that Israel should adopt its slogan to “the land of milk, honey, and marijuana.”

Barack said that more than 35 countries are already legalizing cannabis for recreational or medical use. Additionally, he discovered that more than half of the US benefits from cannabis legalization.

Barak believes that cannabis will stimulate the country’s success in the sector if the government develops a faster and more aggressive way to enter the market.

The Knesset, commonly known as the Israeli Parliament, last year amended the Regulation on Dangerous Drugs. Amendment 16e focuses on regulatory aspects and the management of medical marijuana exports from the country.

Due to changes in Israeli law, analysts predict that Israel will become one of the most profitable points in the cannabis market.

Israel is at the forefront of the cannabis industry”

The Israeli company Tikun Olam is an aggressive player in the cannabis sector with a total market share of 40. They are making the Israeli cannabis industry one of the best in the world.

Tikun Olam’s Marketing Director, Stephen Gardner, states that Israel is at the forefront of the cannabis industry due to the early work of Dr. Ed. Mechoulam.

Gardner also believes that the country has given other countries a basis for advanced research due to research into the taboo plant over the last decade.

Cannabis in Israel to undergo more scientific research.
Due to changes in Israeli law analysts predict that Israel will become one of the most profitable knots in the cannabis market. (Source)

Growing cannabis in Israel

The Ministry of Health in Israel stated that over 500 farms are requesting permission to grow medical cannabis after the approval for prescriptions to Israeli patients.

People suffering from terminal diseases like cancer, epilepsy, and Parkinson’s disease can buy medical marijuana in the country.

For decades Israeli scientists have been studying the almost limitless useful uses of cannabis plants.

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