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HempCo plans to open the largest cannabis farm in Europe

In Dresden, plans for the largest cannabis farm in Europe are currently taking shape. Some details of the large cultivation and processing plant near Dresden have already been revealed in recent weeks.

The manufacturer who wants to take the gigantic outdoor cultivation there into his own hands is not a German company in the true sense of the word. It is “German HempCo,” which belongs to the Canadian company Eurolife Brands. The company provides e-commerce services, operates as a marketplace for cannabis, and provides educational services, serving customers worldwide.

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HempCo expands to create the biggest cannabis farm in Europe

German HempCo concentrates on cannabis cultivation on about 500 hectares of agricultural land in Saxony near Dresden. There is the option to expand the production by another 2,000 hectares. Should these plans be implemented, the largest cannabis farm in Europe would be achieved.

The new company already has existing assets and infrastructure for hemp production. In addition to the areas under cultivation and machinery for their management, HempCo is said to be in possession of 110 tons of cannabis biomass. Purchase contracts and orders already exist, as well as drying rooms and storage areas.

Wide range of possible uses for cannabis from Germany

HempCo has several options with regard to the further processing of harvested cannabis. By default cannabidiol (CBD) will be extracted for the production of food supplements and other CBD products.

In addition, besides the extraction of whole cannabis flower, the sustainable production of paper, alternatives for plastic packaging, fiber textiles and animal feed will be considered for the cannabis farm in Europe.

cannabis plants representing the cannabis farm in Europe near Dresden
HempCo is considering a wide variety of hemp products for its large hemp farm near Dresden. (Source)

The company is also investigating possibilities to cultivate cannabis varieties with an increased concentration of cannabigerol (CBG.) In order to realize all possibilities, HempCo is looking for strong partnerships in production and distribution.

Parent company relocates to build a cannabis farm in Europe

With the extension project in Dresden, EuroLife Brands is responding to the announcement that in the future it intends to shift its business activities away from North America to Europe. Compared to America, the European markets are relatively underdeveloped and offer the company better growth opportunities.

In the U.S., especially in California, there is indeed cannabis cultivation on the scale of the Dresden project. However, these are spread over several plantations, while the area under cultivation by HempCo in Germany will be contiguous.

This offers logistical and organizational advantages for a cannabis farm in Europe. HempCo thus secures a strong position in the market for commercial cannabis products in Germany and Europe.

A positive aspect of undertaking the largest cannabis farm in Europe shows that the company is obviously counting on a strong acceptance of the CBD and cannabis industry.


(Featured image by Florian Weichelt via Unsplash)

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