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The Cookies cannabis brand has plans for Mexico

The Cookies cannabis brand, with a chain of cannabis shops from California, has huge plans for the Mexican market.

The store created by Mexican-American rapper Berner has been alert to legislative discussions in the Senate to legalize cannabis use and is already exploring the market. provides you with the most current and up-to-date cannabis investing news and covers wide-ranging topics including the hemp and cannabis industry; products like hemp milk, hemp protein, hemp gummies, creams, buds, and extracts; hemp farming and countless additional hemp products and services.

The importance of the Cookies cannabis brand on the world market

“It’s incredibly important for us to be in any market as soon as possible,” Parker Berling, Cookies President.

The chain is one of the largest cannabis brands in the world, with a presence in the United States, Canada, Israel, and Spain.

“We are very interested in the emerging cannabis market in Mexico, though we know that legislation has yet to pass,” said Berling. “Our Cookies cannabis brand is also a brand of clothing.”

The Cookies cannabis brand foresaw a strategy similar to that in Spain in which the store is first stocked with clothes and accessories before later marketing products with THC.

The brand has developed its own variety of cannabis (Berner’s Cookies,) with a high THC level of 27% (the average is between 6 and 14%,) which according to the portal, can be used to treat depression.

A street in Mexico representing the Cookies cannabis brand's plans for the country
Cookies executives announced their interest in the emerging cannabis market in Mexico. (Source)

“Our brand is also highly copied, there are many counterfeit products of our brand on the black market, so it is important for us to reach these markets and be able to offer an authentic and safe version of our product,” said Berling.

He added how important it is for the Cookies cannabis brand to enter the Mexican market as soon as it opens.

Cannabis users will welcome Cookies to Mexico

“We have come to Mexico to meet with potential partners for cannabis production as well as potential investors to invest in the fund which not only funds Cookies but other opportunities in the global cannabis space,” said Berling.

The president of Cookies did not give more details about potential alliances, nor the amount of investment the company will make in Mexico. He did say he plans to open stores in Mexico City, Guadalajara, Monterrey, as well as potentially, Cancun.

“I think we can easily have five to 10 stores in the next couple of years,” said Berling. “Currently, the chain has between 30 and 40 points of sale in California, so it ultimately aims to have a similar amount in Mexico.”

In addition, Berner might still perform concerts in Mexico to promote his Cookies cannabis brand, as he has collaborated with artists who play regional Mexican music such as T3R Elemento.

Current strategies for the Cookies cannabis brand

“A key part of our strategy is to enter any market to make sure we’re collaborating with the best artists who also fit our brand,” said Berling.

Questioned on the issue of insecurity in Mexico, Matthew T. Barron, representative of the 12/12 Fund, noted that the Cookies cannabis brand will work with local partners on cannabis production and distribution issues, so they do not anticipate problems in this area. The partners will also have a high standard of quality.

a baggy of cannabis representing the Cookies cannabis brand
The Cookies cannabis brand is known for producing products with a high THC content. (Source)

“The biggest requirement when entering a new market is to find a production partner and a cultivation partner who we believe is doing the quality work to introduce our product so that our customer is satisfied,” added Berling.

THC products in Mexico are not intended to be exported to the United States since the chain’s priority is to grow in Mexico.

Other markets Berling is looking forward to opening up to cannabis are Brazil, Colombia, and Costa Rica, although his attention is on the entire American continent.


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