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Cannabis sciences: course now available in Israel

This new kind of education gives Israel advanced agricultural technologies. Furthermore, these special new courses provide an opportunity for an in-depth and thorough study of the Israeli cannabis industry.

Above all, the courses will take place with the support of the Medical Cannabis Unit at the Ministry of Health. Even without a medical background, anyone can enroll. Degree holders will be able to work on cannabis farms and in any medical cannabis-related businesses.

Huge economic potential for Israel

Courses in the program will commence during the next academic year. They will focus on the growth and production of medical cannabis, medicine, pharmacology, economics, and law.

The university promises it will work the students hard and leave them ready to take on key roles within the marijuana market.

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The goal of the program is to train graduates in new professions in the field of medical cannabis (Source)

The extensive educational base will enable graduates to understand all required aspects, and their integration into the workforce will bring added value to the sector.

In the third year of studies, students will also have hands-on experience in cannabis farms and production plants. They will attend seminars by the research divisions of medical cannabis pharma companies and university research laboratories.

The cannabis industry today is what the cyber industry was 10 years ago

Israel needs and can lead this industry. Conversely, this industry is already popular by many new ventures and technologies. It is clear that its economic potential can reach tens of billions of dollars. They are eager to be the first to develop an academic specialization in the field of medical cannabis.

The program will be led by Dr. Efrat Barel, a lecturer, and researcher at the Max Stern Yezreel Valley College Department of Psychology.

Prepared graduates for the field of medical cannabis

However, the extensive learning base will enable graduates to understand the entire process. In January, the government approved exports of Israeli-grown medical cannabis to the worldwide legal market. It estimated that the state could earn between $290 million and over $1 billion per year from exports. Licenses will be exclusively granted by the Health Ministry, and will require police approval.

The Israeli government has given support to the industry. Medical marijuana was legal for use with a prescription since 1973. The government voted to permit the exportation of cannabis, opening up a global market for Israeli producers.

Medical cannabis is one of the fastest-growing sectors on the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange. 26 listed companies have a combined value equivalent to $952 million, although many have yet to show profits.

The industry requires professionals and experts

It is also creating opportunities for new roles such as project managers, treatment coordinators, and research coordinators.

Israel is an established world leader in medical cannabis R&D due to the pioneering work of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Professor Raphael Mechoulam. As an example, in 1964, the organic chemist was the first modern researcher in Israel to identify cannabis as a medicine.

The chemical is popular for causing a “high,” laying the foundation for scientific research on cannabis and its use in modern medicine. In the years since, Israel became among the few countries with a government-sponsored medical cannabis program, allowing for medical research of the effects of cannabis.

Medical cannabis is a big business in Israel and it has long been a pioneer within the global sector. (Source)

Medical cannabis export laws have just been approved

Earlier this year, the Israeli government gave its long-awaited approval for the medical cannabis export law, paving the way for the country to become a leading medical cannabis exporter and participant in a thriving sector that is expected to soar to $33 billion by 2022.

Israel is proud to have the first academic institution to develop a new specialization in medical cannabis. In light of the significant impact that this industry will have on the Israeli economy in the coming years. There is a great need for skilled professionals to enter the field of medical cannabis and take it forward.

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