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One World Pharma announces exclusive cannabis agreement

This One World Pharma collaboration combines ancestral techniques with modern technology, plant genetics, and international standard operating procedures. 

It is expected to maximize the opportunity for growth in one of the most ideal climates for agriculture in the world. 

About One World Pharma

One World Pharma Inc. is the U.S. parent company of One World Pharma S.A.S. It is a fully licensed cannabis and hemp producer. 

The company’s offices and operations are located in Bogota and Popayan, Colombia. One World Pharma planted its first crop of cannabis in 2018 at its cultivation site in Popayan, Colombia.

The company planted cannabis for research purposes and expects to begin harvesting commercially in the second quarter of 2020.  

Additionally, the company intends to supply the highest quality cannabis and hemp derivatives in crude oil, distillate and isolate forms with industrial-scale production to serve global cannabis demand. Its products will be produced and tested to GMP standards.

OWP’s technological advances, such as genetically modified seeds and seedlings for cannabis cultivation, will help the harvesting and processing of the raw material.

It will also purchase raw biomass, with very high-quality standards and successful laboratory tests. 

Colombia is planning to become the first cannabis country

Colombia’s reputation for premium cannabis precedes it since the country has an excellent location for this. With medical cannabis, the quality does not change but the country’s reputation does.

This change in perception is in lockstep with the broader arc of the changing medical marijuana narrative, fueled by the increased education on the therapeutic merits of the plant to treat everything from dry skin to epileptic seizures to chronic pain.

One World Pharma planted its first cannabis crop in Colombia
The company’s offices and operations are located in Bogota and Popayan, Colombia. (Source)

The weather, soil, and infrastructure, inclusive of a workforce skilled in agriculture, helps keep production cost substantially lower. 

According to Colombia Cannabis Investor, dried flower cannabis can be produced in Colombia for about $0.50 to $0.80 per gram in comparison to about $2 per gram in the U.S.

One World Pharma hopes to begin commercial harvesting in 2020

The aim is for these products to be used in the consumption of packaged and over-the-counter products worldwide.

At the same time, the purpose of the association is to offer a better life for people and for all of Colombia. This includes indigenous communities and small farmers. 

One World Pharma Inc. is the U.S. parent company of One World Pharma S.A.S., a fully licensed producer of cannabis. Its offices and operations are located in Bogotá and Popayán, Colombia. 

Cannabis is a commodity

One World Pharma believes that the future of cannabis is as a commodity, similar to coffee beans or orange juice which are grown and sold to major consumer brands. 

One World Pharma hopes to start selling commercially in 2020
In Colombia, climate, soil and infrastructure, and the trained labor force will help keep production costs very low. (Source)

While other cannabis companies have focused on being vertical players spanning from seed to customer-facing dispensaries, One World Pharma is a pure-play cannabis business focused on one thing: supplying high-quality cannabis-derived ingredients to consumer brands. 

The upcoming launch of its “Cannabis Futures” program will provide these brands with predictable pricing for consistent, high-quality cannabis ingredients.


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