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Ukraine consumers call for the legalization of medical cannabis

Last week, there was a demonstration in the Ukrainian capital in front of the central office of the President calling for the legalization of medical cannabis.

In Ukraine, the demonstrators urgently called for the need for legal regulation of the controlled movement of cannabis and its derivatives for scientific and medical needs.

“We emphasize that inaction and ignoring the needs and rights of patients, in particular in the treatment of cannabis medicines, is contrary to both the Constitution and fundamental human rights,” said event organizers.

More than 100 people called on the President, the government, and parliamentarians to take action to ensure the access of patients to cannabis-based medicines. The demonstrators requested a public report from the central executive on the reasons for the failure to comply with the State Drug Policy Strategy.

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Various cannabis groups participated in the peaceful demonstration

In the march for the Legalization of Cannabis, there were several representative groups such as patient groups, elderly people, political groups. Their slogan was “Our right is to live without pain!” The demonstration in Kiev was in front of the Office of the President of Ukraine and went without incident.

The various groups of demonstrators demanded regulation of medical cannabis by the Ukrainian government. They demanded access to the circulation of cannabis and its derivatives for medical use as well as support for research.

The demonstration was brought together and was co-organized by several serious disease groups such as the Ukrainian Community of People with Multiple Sclerosis or Women Against Cancer. Also, the Ukrainian association of people with drug addiction and the Athenea Community. Veterans for medical cannabis and civil groups such as Initiatives for the City and Social Transformations, Students for Freedom, Otel`Club, Party of the Democratic Axe, and the Green Party were other groups that gathered at the demonstration.

The founder of the organization Athena and Women Against Cancer said that cancer patients in other countries can buy or make cannabis oil. Also, they can relieve insomnia and pain and this cannot be done in the country because cannabis for medical use is not legalized in Ukraine.

The government is still reluctant about the legalization of cannabis

The coronavirus pandemic was the reason why the pro-cannabis demonstration was not a march through the city. The civic event was centered in front of the Central Office of the President.

Half of Ukraine is in favor of the medical legalization of cannabis, but not the government. The latest surveys conducted in Ukraine on the support of its citizens for the legalization of medical cannabis showed that 50 percent of people are in favor. It is true that their President-elect has not shown the issue of medical cannabis as a priority. 

That is why the organizers of the demonstration are putting pressure on and requesting the government’s report on the non-legalization of medical cannabis. Many Ukrainians were waiting with the new government of President Zelensky for a change of direction, but it does not seem to be the case.

Also, a few months ago the Ukrainian Minister of the Interior Arsen Avakov said: “About the medical use of cannabis. We have no legislative support, no procedure, no philosophy on this issue. The previous government discussed it “for comments”, without any documentation. I voted against it because it was not clear what was being proposed. If this question is raised again with the Ministry of Health, I would reasonably discourage it until we develop a unified constructive approach,” the minister said.

In Ukraine, and increasingly in line with many countries, legalization or access to medical cannabis by patients is on the rise. The peaceful demonstration in front of the Central Office of the President of Ukraine was an act of vindication that seeks to put this demand on the agenda of the country.


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