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What you need to know before diving into a cannabis job search

The cannabis sector sees explosive growth. It has become fertile grounds for those looking to find employment in supply chains. These jobs include manufacturing, cultivation, and retail sales.

Cannabis decriminalization continues to spread in countries like Canada and South Africa. This has reduced the overall stigma of being involved in cannabis whether as a consumer or an employee.

The number of jobs in the cannabis industry increased

In 2016, there were almost 150,000 people working in various cannabis fields. They represent a similar number as those in website developers, librarians, and flight attendants in the US.

This number has increased dramatically along with the increased opportunities in the field, particularly with the landmark decision by Canada to become the very first industrialized nation to openly legalize cannabis use.

New Frontier Data predicts over 250,000 cannabis jobs to open by 2020. This exceeds the number of manufacturing jobs as well as government positions. The adult cannabis market also expects to reach $11.2 billion by 2020. Medical cannabis use will rake in another $13.3 billion.

Jobs in the CBD industry

Not only that, but there are additional jobs in the massive CBD industry as well. An advantage of working with vertically integrated brands is that they own and operate all facets of the supply chain. This allows for various opportunities in CBD products through their subsidiaries.

Ancillary cannabis enterprises have also spurred additional growth in the healthy cannabis job economy, featuring employment opportunities in cannabis businesses that specialize in packaging, networking, or other services that don’t involve the direct involvement of cultivating or selling the plant.

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New Frontier Data predicts over 250,000 cannabis jobs will be opened by 2020. (Source)

Cannabis networking board

For those unsure of where to start their job search, Vangst provides a well-integrated platform in which prospective employees and employers can establish professional relationships in the cannabis field. This provides a key connection for those involved in the sector.

Vangst also helps promote equal opportunities for women and minorities while also attracting entrepreneurs due to this startup-like infrastructure of many cannabis businesses. According to Humiston, “It’s not similar to others,” she contends. “It is a startup, and every company in it is a startup. Most are less than four years old.”

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Cannabis jobs also have the benefit of spurring rapid promotion and increased wages for specialists. (Source)

Vangst help employees connect with employers

Aside from their job board, Vangst also hosts a large career fair for employees and employers to connect in person. They also provide networking and employment opportunities. Cannabis jobs also have the benefit of spurring rapid promotion and increased wages for specialists.

As cannabis continues to gain recognition for its medicinal uses, it will also promote a healthy job economy. This can tap into promising young talent who are passionate about changing the lives of people through the multi-purpose plant.

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