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World-class white label cannabis services make market competition exciting

The growing cannabis industry is attracting new entrants hoping to profit from the demand for great products. Some business people want to dive deep into cannabis production. Others want to focus on branding, marketing, and sales. They both tap into other groups to create their own line of products.

Luckily, there are a variety of excellent white-label services that handle the creation of cannabis products. Furthermore, they handle the process from initial formulation to final package design. Now, white label services have long existed across industry verticals. Typically, a white-label service offers a full stack of solutions, including product development, manufacturing, packaging, and distribution.

The white-label service in the cannabis industry

The distribution includes options ranging from shipping it to the client to drop shipping to retailers. Sales may be another service offered for those who wish to outsource as many aspects as possible.

Specific industries have additional needs. For example, the cannabis industry is regulated differently compared to the fashion industry. It requires additional record keeping and product tracking.

At this stage, white-label cannabis services are still emerging. However, not all clients may find the ideal fit for their needs. They seek out services with a track record of successful product creation and distribution. Furthermore, they seek a company that is open to helping a new group of clients.

For example, a company that offers limited runs of white-labeled products may be open to creating a unique product for local distribution. As such, verifying the service’s ability to ramp up production would be necessary.

Here is a selection of world-class white label cannabis services in Canada and the U.S. that can provide a quick point of entry:

White label services offer a range of solutions from product development, manufacturing, packaging to distribution. (Source)


The uniquely named [WHT LBL] combines marijuana product development and direct sales of products to wholesale and retail outlets, meaning it directly services both brands and outlets with white label needs. This approach creates a powerful marketing and distribution wing.

The example of brands includes Happy Chews, Julie’s Natural Edibles and The Herbal Cure. The owners and staff have a rich background in building and operating cannabis businesses and that expertise is now focused on white label services. [WHT LBL] is based in Boulder, CO, and operates in multiple western states.

White Label Liquid

White Label Liquid (OTCMKTS: WLAB) offers white label services for both CBD and e-liquid products. This combined focus gives it insight into a broad range of product options and markets. In addition, its streamlined in-house operations allow it to develop white labeled products in as short as two weeks, offering the company a chance to launch rapidly.

White Label Liquid’s CBD services begin with in-house CBD manufacturing, production of hundreds of product options, and branding services from package design to marketing. Handling every aspect of the creation of CBD products allows White Label Liquids to offer clients total control while providing full legal compliance.

Thanks to WLAB’s state-of-the-art facilities, the company can provide businesses with everything it needs to launch. White Label Liquid’s developers and engineers are experts when it comes to developing a diverse lineup of products with a distinct flavor, labels, and packaging.

Handling every aspect of the creation of CBD products allows White Label Liquids to offer clients total control while providing full legal compliance. (Source)

Great West Water Company

Great West Water Company, based in British Columbia, provides more limited services than the above companies. They still offer a world-class product. It infuses reverse osmosis water with CBD under its own brand and also provides short-run white label services for special events. They are an example of a smaller company that may have the potential to expand if required. For the moment, they offer a unique white label service for brands that simply want a special limited-run edition.

Given their focus, Great West Water Company’s short-run packages offer the opportunity to order CBD water. They can provide single orders or ongoing orders. Such an option might be the perfect touch for the launch of a larger cannabis or CBD product from [WHT LBL] or White Label Liquid.

White labeling opens up the cannabis industry

With the emergence of world-class white labeling services, the cannabis industry now offers additional options. Such businesses might include new marijuana or CBD brands or in-house brands for retail outlets. White label services can also be a lower-cost way to explore the cannabis industry in preparation for going much deeper. Whichever path one takes, as the cannabis industry develops further, there will be world-class support and services available.

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