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Canada-based companies innovate the cannabis industry

Back in June, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved Epidiolex. That is the first drug to be approved that contains cannabidiol or CBD and is made to treat children with two rare types of epilepsy.

It was a breakthrough for the cannabis industry as one of the biggest regulatory bodies in the world becomes more open towards a cannabis compound.

Companies develop more CBD products

Since then, cannabis companies are more eager to develop new products using cannabis, particularly CBD. CBD is on the safer side of some legislation because it is a non-psychoactive compound. Unlike tetrahydrocannabinol or THC, CBD does not make people high.

The World Health Organization even reported that there is no abuse potential in CBD and that there is no public health risk that comes with it.

Because of this leniency towards cannabis, some companies have innovated the industry with several products. Here are some of them:


CannaVore, developed by Micron Waste Technologies, an organic waste technology company based in Vancouver, Canada. Canada just recently legalized the recreational use of marijuana on a national level. And because of this, current and future marijuana growers will surely expand the acreage allotted for marijuana cultivation. Regulatory bodies, not just in Canada, have strict regulations toward marijuana cultivation. More importantly, they also have stricter waste disposal regulations.

marijuana plants from cannabis companies
Cannabis companies are looking forward to developing innovative products using CBD. (Source)

This is where Micron’s CannaVore comes in. It destroys and renders cannabis waste by combining it with their own blend of enzymes and microbes. The liquid waste from the digester is also treated to come up with clean greywater. It can eventually be reused in the cultivation process. If growers do not want to reuse the clean greywater, it can still be safely discharged.

Micron Waste Technologies recently partnered with Quest Resource Management Group LLC for the marketing and distribution of CannaVore in the United States.


The Vancouver-based Lexaria Bioscience Corp has developed DehydraTECH. That is a delivery technology that allows for the higher effectiveness of ingestible drugs with lower dosing. Moreover, it helps eliminate strong odors or tastes of lipophilic compounds, which means sugar or any other sweeteners would not be necessary.

The technology reduces the time of onset, allowing consumers to feel the effects within 15 to 20 minutes. It also increases bio-absorption through oral ingestion, which may exceed other types of deliveries including inhalation. Initial testing also provides proofs that the technology may help avoid first-pass liver metabolism as it may deliver ingested molecules through the lymphatic system. This means that DehydraTECH could help avoid potential side effects and help reduce liver bio-transformation.

marijuana smoking from cannabis companies
The technology reduces the time of onset, allowing consumers to feel the effects within 15 to 20 minutes. (Source)

The DehydraTECH can be applied to cannabis products. That is why Lexaria Bioscience created two subsidiaries for the industry—Lexaria CanPharm Corp and Lecaria Hemp Corp. Lexaria CanPharm will focus on providing its breakthrough technology to the global cannabis industry. In the same time, Lexaria Hemp Corp—a U.S. company—will focus on licensing DehydraTECH to companies focused on hemp-based foods and supplements.

The cannabis industry expands into other sectors

The cannabis industry continues to expand into other sectors, including pharmaceutical and food and beverage industries. More countries—including their regulatory bodies—become more permissive towards cannabis products. Consequently, we can expect that more companies will come up with new technologies that could help with the advancement of the cannabis industry. And also the sectors that the industry touches.

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