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Smart Cannabis offers efficient systems for better cannabis harvest

Cannabis innovation company Smart Cannabis Corp. (OTCMKTS:SCNA) is proving to be the best when it comes to state-of-the-art solutions in cannabis harvesting. This further strengthens an already robust emerging market today.

Smart Cannabis operations

Smart Cannabis Corp. is a cannabis industry holding company with headquarters in Northern California. Their primary focus is on the construction, hardware, and software for complete cannabis greenhouse operations. They provide both construction services and equipment through their wholly-owned subsidiary Next Generation Farming.

Smart Cannabis provides a full range of business services including initial planning, licensing and compliance, and infrastructure. They work through their other main wing, a wholly-owned subsidiary SAP Investments.

SAP Investments and Next Generation Farming work together. They aim to provide all the services one needs to start a contemporary cannabis production business.

business plan
Smart Cannabis also provides a full range of business services including initial planning, licensing and compliance. (Source)

Next Generation Farming

Next Generation Farming has a history of preparing sites and installing SMART Greenhouses and related equipment on the West Coast. They also install greenhouse automation systems. The majority of the hardware and software involved in these projects are original intellectual property. This helps Next Generation Farming acquire their deep understanding of each project they undertake.

SMART by Design

The greenhouse and hardware offerings of Next Generation Farming are said to be SMART by Design, a trademarked designation. Smart Cannabis offers multiple SMART greenhouses through Next Generation Farming and continues to perfect the options with each new design. The Gutter Connect Series SMART Greenhouse is their latest competitive offering.

The Gutter Connect Series epitomizes Next Generation Farming’s approach to greenhouse construction. It is easy to ship, installs quickly and is not only energy and water-use efficient but also maximizes greenhouse space allowing “more square footage of greenhouse space per acre” than other greenhouses.

phone - smart app
Smartphone apps are changing cannabis operations from growth to harvesting. (Source)

The SMART App ties it all together

Though an app seems like a small thing, Next Generation Farming’s SMART App can function as the control center for the SMART by Design greenhouse systems. As SMART Cannabis Vice President Don Smith pointed out in an interview earlier this year:

The SMART App gives the 21st-century cannabis greenhouse operator that advanced level of command-and-control of operations. And as Next Generation Farming describes, the SMART App allows you to “operate and monitor your smart greenhouse deployment, from on-site at your location, in your office, or even at home in your living room.”

Why is Smart App useful

The level of monitoring can range from checking readings from each individual greenhouse to viewing the crops themselves. Alerts can be managed so that early warnings are given when an element is out of line with optimal conditions for cannabis growth.

Whether running Next Generation Farming’s hardware in a retrofitted greenhouse or managing a total SMART Greenhouse System, the SMART App ties it all together.

To conclude, the sale of eight SMART App Hardware Systems is simply the latest coup for Smart Cannabis and NextGen. Such sales provide both initial and ongoing revenue by combining immediate purchase and subscriptions. In addition, Smart Cannabis spreads the news of their services and set the high standards needed for the cannabis industry.

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