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CANNX brings to light exciting developments in the medical cannabis market

Cannabis, once a highly addictive substance and regarded as illegal, has rapidly transformed into a useful medical substance. Israel regards cannabis very highly.

The country considers itself to be one of the major players of cannabis research and production. It is no surprise that it also hosts one of the largest cannabis-related events. They aim to provide knowledge and insights on how it can be effectively used for medicinal treatment.

Cannabis in Israel

The Conference Chair and a Keynote Speaker, Dr. Ralph Mechoulam is widely regarded as the father of modern medical cannabis due to his discoveries. His research promotes a more widespread understanding of how cannabis affects the body. His findings include the endocannabinoid system as well as the two main cannabinoids THC and CBD.

Through his lifelong efforts, we now understand how THC and CBD stimulate the body’s endocannabinoid system. It promotes overall health and increase its capabilities of fighting off diseases and other external threats.

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At the forefront of the conference is the chance for participants to learn and create professional development opportunities. (Source)

Startup support

The concluded cannabis event will also provide educational workshops, investment insights into various cannabis brands. Even startup accelerator services for entrepreneurs looking to further develop their cannabis enterprise visions. Cannabis startups have been a subject of interest for entrepreneurship. This aligns with the younger generation exhibiting a strong pro-cannabis mentality.

Cann 10 is on hand at the event to promote various startups in the medical cannabis field. Furthermore, the event hosts the Innovation Award for pre-seed and seed-stage cannabis technology startups demonstrating innovative new approaches to incorporating cannabis into various business ventures.

FSD Pharma is an ACMPR-licensed producer of cannabis and aims to become a huge presence in Canada’s legal cannabis market (Source)

Sound partnership

FSD Pharma’s R&D partner SciCann Therapeutics is an Israel-based pharmaceutical company that focuses on the innovative and effective implementation of cannabis as a source of medicinal treatment for pain, inflammatory disorders, oncology, and others.

Another goal behind the program was to fuel research efforts to incorporate cannabis as a treatment method for atherosclerosis. This highlights the added interest and belief that cannabis pharmaceuticals will eventually replace current treatments. Treatments such as prescription drugs and opiates which can be dangerous and cause addictions. SciCann Therapeutics strives to promote cannabis as a safe alternative with proven medicinal capabilities corroborated by clinical trial discoveries.

The conference has become a well-known event that brings together some of the various presences in the cannabis sector. This includes corporate brands and ancillary businesses. They look to establish strong business relationships and partnerships to further improve the cannabis industry. 

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