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Hemp becomes ideal ‘green’ venture for socially responsible entrepreneurs

There is a passing of the torch in entrepreneurship as young businessmen are putting social responsibility for profit. “Go Green” is what these promising individuals believe nowadays according to Entrepreneur, and this means diving into an assortment of ideas including organic farming, e-cigarettes, and even hemp and cannabis.

The potential of hemp and marijuana

The 2018 Farm Bill has opened up opportunities for people that see the potential in hemp. The close cousin of marijuana is more than just a supplement to health-conscious individuals.

The plant’s properties allow it to become a good substitute for various materials. These properties and the new support under the Farm Bill make hemp a new frontier for entrepreneurs.

The benefits of hemp for the environment

As a material for clothing, hemp is an extremely beneficial plant. It does not require any chemical when it is being processed into pieces of clothing. So it can grow naturally without the use of pesticides. Pesticides pose a threat to the environment as they can emit harmful gasses that can also affect surrounding crops.

Its fibers have amazing properties make it a darling of the textile industry. (Source)

The hemp fiber is also used to create eco-bags. They could serve as a viable and cheap replacement for plastics. Since hemp is more durable than other fibers, all clothes and bags created from it can last for a long time.

Beyond its uses, hemp grows easily

Hemp can grow under an array of conditions and it only struggles to grow during winter and extremely hot and dry weather. The plant has the ability to sequester carbon emissions, thus reducing agricultural pollution while giving farmers huge gains at the same time.

Farmers are of course interested in growing hemp. Especially now when the industry is set to blossom. States, where hemp is already legal, have been showing support for the industry through pilot programs that help introduce farmers into the know-how of growing hemp.

Its fibers have amazing properties. It makes it a darling of the textile industry. Even though, the revenue in hemp production is mostly from sales of hemp-derived cannabidiol (CBD). Hemp contains a ton of the miracle compound CBD.

The popularity of hemp

Hemp has a lot of CBD compound.(Source)

CBD is gaining increasing popularity in states like Florida and New York. Establishments such as spas, hotels, and cafes now offer products and services with CBD.

Entrepreneurs who want to completely go green have hemp on their sights. The plant offers socially responsible benefits and high room for financial gain all in one package. It would no longer be surprising if the future is populated with young entrepreneurs.

(Featured Image by Chris H via Flickr. CC BY 2.0.)

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