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Lancaster, Pennsylvania is Greatly Positioned for CBD Success

Cannabidiol or CBD is a game-changing business. This healthy cannabis compound is popularly sourced from hemp and is also a close cousin of marijuana. It is a naturally occurring compound normally extracted from industrial hemp.

The medicinal benefits of CBD

Thanks to various researches, it has been discovered that CBD exhibits a myriad of health and medicinal benefits, including anti-inflammatory and anti-aging properties. This discovery has resulted in the CBD industry we know today – an industry, which according to analysts could hit $22 billion by 2022.

It is very easy to understand why. Unlike tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), a marijuana compound, CBD does not exhibit any psychoactive properties. This means that, unlike weed, CBD does not give anyone a euphoric or “high” feeling.

Pushing to legalize marijuana is a complicated subject, sometimes altogether avoided. By the start of 2018, hemp was still under the Controlled Substances Act. By the end of that year, U.S. President Donald Trump signed the 2018 Farm Bill into place which fully legalizes the growth and cultivation of industrial hemp.

CBD exhibits a myriad of health and medicinal benefits. (Source)

CBD success in 2019 and beyond

2019 is shaping up to be big for CBD, with more products available than ever before, from tinctures and oils to vapes and capsules, as well as lotions, teas, and gummy candies. Also CBD beverages and energy drinks. In Los Angeles, there are even wellness centers that offer CBD massages.

One city in Pennsylvania is fast becoming a hub for CBD-based products. Located in South Central Pennsylvania, Lancaster played a huge part in the medical marijuana revolution.

Medical marijuana

In 2016, the state’s medical marijuana program went into full effect, providing various opportunities for both medical practitioners and patients. Of course, it was also a bit more complicated back then. Patients who have one of the approved conditions must register with the state program and must also have an approved physician certify qualification. They also need to buy a medical marijuana ID, as well as purchase medical marijuana from a state-approved dispensary.

The CBD business

CBD, however, presents a different opportunity, as it does not need any of that. Strengthened by the two Farm Bills in place, CBD presents an entirely different opportunity for the industry, especially for those in Lancaster.

CBD oils
CBD oil is used to treat inflammations, muscle pain, and even depression. (Source)

Nowadays, a quick stroll through its streets will welcome you with retail opportunities and stores that offer CBD-based services. In Willow Street, there are cafes, massages with CBD and even locally produced products infused with CBD.

There’s Verdant Health where physicians use CBD oil and tinctures to help their patients. There are also some who use it as home medication for inflammation, muscle pain, anxiety, and even depression.

With all these developments in Lancaster, it’s safe to say that the CBD business is not only well-established, but the city might also just become the center for a number of achievements related to the CBD enterprise.

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