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Leafter: The hemp-infused dairy vegetable drink made in France

Hemp, a plant with many qualities, is not only ecological in its production but also beneficial in its consumption. At a time of the ecological revolution, consumers are increasingly turning to local, organic and eco-friendly products. The Leafter brand offers this type of product from hemp.

A little hemp drink from a man who dreams big

Matthieu Moret, a Pontois entrepreneur, founded the Leafter company in July 2018 by His objective: to reintegrate the use of hemp into everybody’s diet. For this reason, he has created a 100% vegetable milk drink, gluten-free, made from organic hemp seeds, known for their multiple nutritional virtues, and enriched with cannabidiol (CBD) (10 mg), renowned for its soothing properties.

The product comes in the form of a small 250 ml bottle. Ideal for breakfast or a snack, one can enjoy the drink hot or cold with a nutty and cereal taste.

Leafter hemp drink
He has created a 100% vegetable milk drink, gluten-free, made from organic hemp seeds. (Source)

He uses certified hemp

The hemp used for its manufacture is certified at 0.2e tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) according to European standards. The ingredients (hemp oil, hemp seeds, sunflower lecithin, marante) are from organic and/or French agriculture.

That has earned the brand the label “Made in France” and the AB organic label once the necessary funds have been raised. Indeed, Matthieu’s project is currently in a pilot phase and needs support.

Artisanal hemp drinks

The production of this hemp drink is currently artisanal. Matthieu dreams big and now he builds a laboratory to homogenize the product in order to increase its shelf life and, in the long term, create jobs. For this, Matthieu needs donations.

He launched a participatory fundraising campaign for this purpose on the Tudigo platform. The principle of the campaign is a donation for a donation: a financial contribution brings a counterpart.

hemp drink
The production of the hemp drink is currently artisanal. (Source)

Leafter company is eco-friendly

That is: the funds raised will also be used to replace the recyclable PET bottle with a glass bottle that has an even smaller carbon footprint. Leafter’s philosophy is to favor ecological but also fair solutions, in short circuits from production to distribution.

The Leafter hemp drink also intends to expand and prosper on French territory and for that, a little help is more than welcome.

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