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Marijuana legalization and decriminalization around the world

Policymakers around the world are working on amending their marijuana law. They aim at protecting young people while allowing adults to use the drug for recreational purposes. Moreover, in many other countries around the world, people can use marijuana for medical use and grow plants at home.


Legitimate for medical purposes, small amounts grow. The country is working on new regulations to protect young people from access to cannabis but to legalize it for people over the age of 18.

Cannabis legalization in some European countries


Smoking is illegal in public places and you can get a fine. Marijuana is legal in medicine, but it is rarely prescribed.


Cannabis is legal for medical purposes.


Marijuana is legal for personal use. The permissible amount of marijuana is 5 g. However, the purchase, sale or production of cannabis herb for purposes other than medical treatment is illegal.


Cannabis decriminalized cannabis for personal use, and the amount varies from city to city. In Berlin, usually 15 g, but in other cities 3-5 g. Medical marijuana is a legal product for those suffering from serious diseases.

Germany, with its own set of marijuana laws.
In Germany, the personal use of cannabis is decriminalized. (Source)


Marijuana is legal here, in small amounts. As a result, cannabis is permissible up 3 g.

Czech Republic

Personal use is legal. Consequently, you can have up to 15 g of marijuana with you. You can also grow up to five shrubs for medicinal purposes. However, you can only grow if you have a license.

Cannabis legalization on the American Continent


Decriminalized for personal use. You can have up to 10g. In 2017, the Drug Abuse Act amended to allow for the smoking of cannabis herb in the home with the permission of the person concerned.


It is illegal to grow cannabis, but it is legal to use it in small quantities.


Brazil decriminalized cultivation and permitted the possession of small quantities of cannabis. However, the purchase and sale of those drugs remain illegal.


In 1986, Colombia decriminalized the cultivation of up to 20 plants for personal use, with up to 22g. In 2016, the country passed a law legalizing medical marijuana for domestic use and export.

Brazil decriminalized cultivation and permitted the possession of small quantities of cannabis and other drugs (Source)

Even further south


Either legalized for medical use, can hold 5 g. Argentina passed a law in October 2017, which allowed the use of cannabis oil for medical purposes and allowed the cultivation of cannabis plant for research purposes.


Pharmacies began selling cannabis-based medicines in 2017, following the legalization of cannabis for medical purposes in 2015. Furthermore, the country’s Senate provides an opportunity for people to grow their own plantations.

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