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The profitability of the hemp industry in Ukraine

The profitability of Ukraine’s hemp industry may be enormous. That is once the official ban on the cultivation of industrial hemp is lifted. After all, it is possible to receive up to $100,000 per hectare on the inflorescence and leaves of hemp alone.

In the case of legalization, growing cannabis for medical purposes may become beneficial for small farmers.

The world is increasing its use of cannabis every year 

The world leaders in growing cannabis are Canada, China, France the United States. The largest exporters of hemp oil in the world are China, India, USA, Germany, and Spain. There are already more than 20 thousand products that contain cannabis.

In addition, the crop is non-wasteful. All parts of the plant are for use. People may use seeds as food in the baking and confectionery industries. The grain is good to produce hemp oil that helps in confectionery purposes.

Increasingly, medical applications using hemp leaves and inflorescence are gaining momentum around the world. Stem-textiles, composite materials, construction materials, and even paper. Roots are also useful for medical supplies. However, medical cannabis in Ukraine is illegal at all levels.

Hemp Seeds
Currently, Ukraine provides only about 4 thousand hectares of land to grow hemp. (Source)

The wide range of industrial hemp products represents the greatest opportunity for American agricultural markets.

Using the latest advances in hemp sequencing programs are going to be instrumental for increasing quality and yields. This will also maximize the desirable attributes of the plant.

Hemp is versatile, with thousands of applications across a myriad of industries. Industrial hemp affects more than just the agricultural industry. It also touches the pharmaceutical, medical, manufacturing, energy, and tech industries as well.

Hemp is diverse in its varieties 

Different varieties of hemp will perform better in differing environmental conditions. Consequently, farmers are looking forward to entering the industrial hemp market. For the first time, they will need to understand options and choose which hemp variety they should grow.

hemp production
Hemp is a durable crop that is able to grow in widely varied climates and conditions. (Source)

Industrial hemp has traditionally been divided into three main categories. They are fiber, grain and high-cannabinoid. We expect to see the evolution and development of dual or triple-purpose varieties. As it stands, hemp farmers will need to choose between some combination of these three options.

Certainly, industrial hemp is a new frontier for many people. It is also a durable crop able to grow in widely varied climates and conditions. Above all, hemp is an exciting crop with thousands of applications. The most intriguing opportunity American farmers have seen in generations.

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